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Assistant Chief Clerk/Technical Assistant to the Chief Clerk

Room 1109


Matthew Baker is a native of Tennessee and moved to Carson City in 1984. He worked as a committee secretary for the Judiciary Committee during the 69th Legislative Session in 1997. After a brief sojourn at the Secretary of State's office, Matthew became one of the Assembly Front Desk staff in 1999, taking on the job of Recording Clerk for the 70th Legislative Session. Afterward, he moved on to being the Journal Clerk, which he was for five sessions and nine special sessions. In 2010, Matt was elevated to the Assistant Chief Clerk position. An undergraduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Matthew also has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Rachel, and they have four children: Ashlynd, Kiera, Conner, and Addisyn.

Assembly Front Desk

The Chief Clerk is elected by the legislative body to act as the Assembly’s parliamentarian to assure the constitutional, statutory, and standing rules are followed in processing of legislation and to publish appropriate legislative journals and histories. The Assembly front desk is the contact point for all legislative measures and processes all legislation from the point of introduction to final passage.

The front desk is the support staff of the Assembly Chief Clerk and consists of the Assistant Chief Clerk, History Clerk, Journal Clerk, Media Clerk, Recording Clerk, and Document Clerk. The front desk processes all legislative measures in order to meet constitutional, statutory, joint and house rules required for the legal processing of legislative measures. Failure to meet these requirements could negate the action of the legislative body.

Assistant Chief Clerk

The Assistant Chief Clerk is responsible for the overall supervision of the operations of the Assembly front desk and must assume the duties of the Chief Clerk if the Chief Clerk for any reason is unable to do so. The Assistant supervises the duties of the front desk positions.

The Assistant Chief Clerk must be cognizant of all rules and procedures for receiving, processing, and disseminating information regarding bills and resolutions. The Assistant prepares all measures and notices for the Chief Clerk and legislators and prepares a report for the Majority Floor Leader for committee referral and upcoming events. The Assistant is responsible for resolutions that memorialize prominent Nevadans and coordinating these events with the Senate.

The Assistant Chief Clerk assigns bill and resolution numbers to bill draft requests and records the introducers of legislation into the computerized information management system and records the Assembly’s actions on the official bills and resolutions. The Assistant is responsible for processing the appointments to and receipt of committee reports from conference committees. The Assistant Chief Clerk certifies the Assembly’s actions on all measures in the enactment process; officially notifies the Senate by message of the Assembly’s actions; and is responsible for accurate endorsement and signing of all bills and resolutions that pass through the Assembly.

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