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Journal Clerk

Room 1109


Diane has worked for the Nevada Assembly since the 1999 Session. She began as a personal secretary to Assemblyman Nolan. In the 2001 Session, she worked for the Front Desk as the Recording Clerk. She has been the Assistant Chief Clerk for all or parts of four session and has also worked six special sessions. This will be her first session as the Journal Clerk.

Diane is married to Stan. She has one son, "RJ."


Assembly Front Desk

The Chief Clerk is elected by the legislative body to act as the Assembly’s parliamentarian to assure the constitutional, statutory, and standing rules are followed in processing of legislation and to publish appropriate legislative journals and histories. The Assembly front desk is the contact point for all legislative measures and processes all legislation from the point of introduction to final passage.

The front desk is the support staff of the Assembly Chief Clerk and consists of the Assistant Chief Clerk, History Clerk, Journal Clerk, Media Clerk, Recording Clerk, and Document Clerk. The front desk processes all legislative measures in order to meet constitutional, statutory, joint and house rules required for the legal processing of legislative measures. Failure to meet these requirements could negate the action of the legislative body.

Journal Clerk

The Journal Clerk is an appointed attaché of the Assembly and is responsible for publishing the Assembly Journal, which is the official record of the proceedings of the Assembly. The Assembly Journal documents actions such as bills and resolutions passed or adopted, amendments presented, roll call votes, communications, and remarks from the floor. It is not a verbatim record of debate.

During legislative sessions, the Assembly Journal is printed daily and delivered on the next working day to the legislature, executive offices, and some state agencies. Requests for these deliveries are made by calling Publications (775-684-6835). Daily journals are provided to the public at no charge. However, mailings to constituents must be handled by the assemblyman’s offices. The daily journal is also available on the Internet at

The Chief Clerk’s Office works with the Legislative Counsel Bureau to post and update actions taken on legislation considered in the Assembly. These actions can be found on the Legislative website or by calling the Chief Clerk’s Office.

After adjournment sine die, the Assembly Journal is prepared for publication in bound form. This version of the journal, which is sometimes referred to as the Final Journal, includes the daily proceedings, lists of Assembly and Senate bills and resolutions, assemblyman’s actions, a subject index and the Joint and Standing Rules. The Final Journal comes in a multi-volume set and can be anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 pages long, beginning to end. The cost of a set of journals is determined by the publishing cost.



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