A.B. 156


Assembly Bill No. 156–Committee on Commerce and Labor


(On Behalf of Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities)


February 15, 2001



Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor


SUMMARY—Increases monetary limitation on cost of public works projects used to determine application of requirements concerning payment of prevailing rate of wages. (BDR 28‑365)


FISCAL NOTE:            Effect on Local Government: No.

                                    Effect on the State: No.




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AN ACT relating to public works; increasing the monetary limitation on the cost of public works projects used to determine the application of certain requirements concerning the payment of the prevailing rate of wages; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.





1-1    Section 1. NRS 338.080 is hereby amended to read as follows:

1-2    338.080  None of the provisions of NRS 338.020 to 338.090, inclusive,

1-3  apply to:

1-4    1.  Any work, construction, alteration, repair or other employment

1-5  performed, undertaken or carried out, by or for any railroad company or

1-6  any person operating the same, whether such work, construction, alteration

1-7  or repair is incident to or in conjunction with a contract to which this state

1-8  or any of its political subdivisions is a party, or otherwise.

1-9    2.  Apprentices recorded under the provisions of chapter 610 of NRS.

1-10    3.  Any contract for a public work whose cost is less than [$100,000.]

1-11  $250,000. A unit of the project must not be separated from the total project,

1-12  even if that unit is to be completed at a later time, in order to lower the cost

1-13  of the project below [$100,000.] $250,000.

1-14    Sec. 2.  NRS 279.500 is hereby amended to read as follows:

1-15    279.500  1.  The provisions of NRS 338.010 to 338.090, inclusive,

1-16  apply to any contract for new construction, repair or reconstruction which

1-17  is awarded on or after October 1, 1991, by an agency for work to be done

1-18  in a project.

2-1    2.  If an agency provides property for development at less than the fair

2-2  market value of the property, or provides financial incentives to the

2-3  developer with a value of more than [$100,000,] $250,000, the agency

2-4  must provide in the agreement with the developer that the development

2-5  project is subject to the provisions of NRS 338.010 to 338.090, inclusive,

2-6  to the same extent as if the agency had awarded the contract for the project.

2-7  This subsection applies only to the project covered by the agreement

2-8  between the agency and the developer. This subsection does not apply to

2-9  future development of the property unless additional financial incentives

2-10  with a value of more than [$100,000] $250,000 are provided to the

2-11  developer.

2-12    Sec. 3.  The amendatory provisions of this act apply to public works

2-13  for which the contract is executed on or after July 1, 2001.

2-14    Sec. 4.  This act becomes effective on July 1, 2001.


2-15  H