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Bills that have Missed the April 21st Deadline

Pursuant to Joint Standing Rule No. 14.3.2, no further action is allowed on these bills.

Assembly Bills

AB1 Assembly  Failed Deadline Prohibits certain demonstrations at a funeral, memorial service or ceremony. (BDR 15-150)
AB34 Assembly  Failed Deadline Authorizes prisoners in certain state correctional institutions or facilities to use certain electronic communication devices under certain circumstances. (BDR 16-307)
AB35 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions governing petitions by offenders under lifetime supervision for release from lifetime supervision. (BDR 14-312)
AB42 Assembly  Failed Deadline Grants administrative subpoena power for the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit within the Office of the Attorney General to obtain certain records and materials. (BDR 18-273)
AB155 Assembly  Failed Deadline Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-142)
AB175 Assembly  Failed Deadline Temporarily revises the provisions governing the prequalification of bidders on public works of this State. (BDR 28-1032)
AB183 Assembly  Failed Deadline Authorizes the Board of Wildlife Commissioners to establish an additional kind of drawing for the existing allotment of big game tags and wild turkey tags. (BDR 45-76)
AB189 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions governing the eviction of certain tenants from property. (BDR 3-655)
AB252 Assembly  Failed Deadline Provides for the waiver of fees for the issuance of certain forms of identifying information for certain persons. (BDR 40-521)
AB256 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions governing the dates for certain elections. (BDR 24-713)
AB368 Assembly  Failed Deadline Authorizes courts to admit involuntarily certain persons to programs for community-based or outpatient services under certain circumstances. (BDR 39-155)
AB502 Assembly  Failed Deadline Makes various changes concerning private prisons. (BDR 16-1129)

Senate Bills

SB11 Senate  Secretary's desk Prohibits the county commissioners of certain larger counties from holding certain other employment. (BDR 20-80)
SB21 Senate  Secretary's desk Revises provisions governing the sale or offer for sale of certain food, drugs, and other commodities after the date of expiration for those products has passed. (BDR 51-260)
SB86 Senate  Secretary's desk Makes various changes concerning children who are ordered to be placed in the custody of certain governmental entities by the juvenile court. (BDR 5-361)
SB214 Senate  Lost Revises provisions governing plans for dental care and prepaid limited health service organizations. (BDR 57-291)
SB258 Senate  Energy, Infrastructure and Transportation Requires owners of industrial or commercial buildings to make certain disclosures. (BDR 58-790)
SB301 Senate  Lost Makes various changes relating to military installations. (BDR 22-689)

Assembly Joint Resolutions

AJR14 Assembly  Failed Deadline Urges the United States Environmental Protection Agency to grant California a waiver to achieve certain reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. (BDR R-5)

Senate Joint Resolutions

SJR4* Senate  Lost Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the Legislature to provide for the organization and duties of the Board of Regents and the appointment of its members by the Governor. (BDR C-1087)

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