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Bills that have Missed the May 22nd Deadline

Pursuant to Joint Standing Rule No. 14.3.4, no further action is allowed on these bills.

Assembly Bills

AB95 Senate  Commerce and Labor Revises certain provisions concerning the investigation and prosecution of unfair trade practices. (BDR 52-268)
AB235 Senate  Taxation Makes various changes to provisions governing the taxation of certain fuels and special fuels. (BDR 32-897)

Senate Bills

SB19 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions governing the award of grants of money by the Commission on Educational Excellence. (BDR 34-302)
SB42 Assembly  Failed Deadline Exempts from the authority of the State Public Works Board and the deputy manager for compliance and code enforcement certain projects, improvements and buildings administered by other agencies. (BDR 28-326)
SB158 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions concerning tax increment areas created to benefit the Nevada State College. (BDR 22-905)
SB222 Assembly  Failed Deadline Makes various changes to provisions relating to state financial administration. (BDR 31-902)
SB252 Assembly  Failed Deadline Revises provisions relating to solicitations of charitable donations. (BDR 52-843)

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