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Report LA00-05

Results in Brief

††††††††† The Motor Pool Division does not have the information it needs to manage its operations. For years it has operated without adequate information on vehicle operating costs. As a consequence, decisions, such as when to replace vehicles or what rental rates to charge, are made without a proper analysis of cost information. Although our 1993 audit contained several recommendations to improve information, these recommendations have not been fully implemented. Furthermore, the Division does not expect to have sufficient information on vehicle operations for several more years. As a result, the Division has little assurance it is meeting its statutory purpose of ensuring economical utilization of state-owned vehicles.

††††††††† The inability of the Motor Pool Division to obtain and maintain adequate information stems from a lack of oversight and divided management functions. Certain management functions have been divided between two divisions within the Department of Administration without a written agreement. As a result, accountability for program performance is diminished.


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Department of Administration
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Agency Response
To Audit Recommendations






Provide adequate oversight in developing, enhancing, and maintaining management information systems


Clarify the services to be provided by the Administrative Services Division


Request assistance from the Administrative Services Division in implementing audit recommendations