Audit Division

Audit Summary


Office of State Treasurer

Report LA00-12


Results in Brief

Although the Office of State Treasurer generally complied with applicable laws, regulations, and policies and procedures, we found some instances of non-compliance. The Treasurerís Office did not complete annual evaluations for all employees, and work performance standards have not been developed for some positions.We also found where monthly and quarterly fees that should have been remitted to the State Treasurer were instead remitted to the State Controller.In addition, the Officeís internal control procedures manual needs to be updated for the stateís new financial accounting system.

Principal Findings

                 NRS 284.340 requires annual evaluations for employees in the classified service who have attained permanent status.However, for the two employees randomly selected, one did not receive their evaluation as required by statute.In discussing this issue with Office management, they indicated no employees, except those assigned to the check distribution function, have had evaluations.(page 6)

                 Several statutes require local governments to remit fees to the State Treasurer. However, during testing we found where local governments were remitting fees to the State Controller rather than the State Treasurer.Other statutes require the State Treasurer to prepare annual reports of money deposited to the State General Fund.We found the Treasurer had not prepared these reports since the fees were being remitted to the State Controller.(page 7)

                 The Office of State Treasurer needs to update its internal control manual to include procedures and controls for the stateís new financial system.(page 8)

                 The Treasurerís Office did not update the ADM-1 forms for two individuals no longer with the Treasurerís Office.These individuals were listed as authorized to sign various revenue and expenditure documents.In addition, we were unable to find evidence of when the Treasurerís annual report of operations was filed and, therefore, whether it was filed within statutory timeframes.(page 8)

Office of State Treasurer

Agency Response

to Audit Recommendations








Prepare employee evaluations as required by NRS 284.340




Develop work performance standards for each class of position as required by NRS 284.335




Review the statutes and determine if realignment is needed:

a.  For local governments to remit fees according to NRS 19.030, 19.033, 122.060, 176.059




b.  For the preparation and distribution of annual reports required by NRS 598.0975 and 599B.260




Update internal control procedures for the stateís new financial accounting system, the proper filing of the annual report of operations, and the timely updating of ADM-1 forms.