Audit Division
Audit Summary

Department of Conservation and
Natural Resources
Director's Office

Report LA96-16

Results in Brief

The Director's Office complied with laws and regulations significant to state expenditures except for provisions governing overtime.

Principal Findings

1. During fiscal year 1995, Director's Office employees earned overtime without prior approval, as required by NRS 284.180(9). (page 5)

2. As of January 1995, one employee had accrued 450 hours of compensatory time; another employee had accrued 344 hours. NAC 284.250(3) limits accrued compensatory time to no more than 120 hours. (page 5)

3. The 1995 Legislature passed AB 129 effective April 10, 1995, authorizing 3 additional positions for the Director's Office which should reduce the amount of overtime worked. (page 5)

4. In July 1995, the Director's Office developed a form to ensure overtime is properly controlled. Consequently, this report contains no recommendations. (page 5)