Bureau of Educational Accountability & Program Evaluation (LeBeape)

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Bureau Structure and Responsibilities

The Legislative Bureau of Educational Accountability and Program Evaluation (Bureau) was created by Senate Bill 482 (Chapter 473, Statutes of Nevada 1997).This comprehensive school reform package, called the Nevada Education Reform Act (NERA), combined education initiatives proposed by the Governor with those of the Senate Finance Committee and provided nearly $41 million in general fund appropriations to improve public education. Through the Through the Nevada Education Reform Act, the following occurs:

  • The school accountability program is strengthened;
  • A system for the adoption of high, measurable statewide standards in academic subjects is established;
  • A series of statewidetests linked to those standards is implemented;
  • Use of educational technology for classroom instruction is increased;
  • A process for legislative review of education reform is established.

To facilitate legislative review of educational matters, the Act established two new entities within the legislative branch: the Legislative Committee on Education and the Legislative Bureau of Educational Accountability and Program Evaluation.

The Legislative Bureau of Educational Accountability and Program Evaluation, located within the Fiscal Analysis Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, consists of two Program Analysts who, in addition to education matters, are assigned other duties of a fiscal nature.

The Bureau is supervised by the Assembly and Senate Fiscal Analysts and works closely with the LCB Research Division assigned to work on education issues.

The Bureau provides information to the Legislative Committee on Education and is responsible, pursuant to NRS 218.5356, for:

  • Collecting and analyzing data and issuing reports related to the Act's reform provisions and statewide programs in accountability, testing, class-size reduction, and special education;
  • Evaluating the performance and progress of public education in Nevada; and
  • Monitoring implementation of the Act and expenditures of funds appropriated by the Act.

Reports and Publications

LeBeape Annual Reports

Pursuant to NRS 218.5356, the Bureau is required to submit an annual written report of findings related to the Nevada Education Reform Act. This report provides information concerning education reform, accountability, state examinations, professional development, class-size reduction, special education, educational technology, and academic standards for public schools in the State of Nevada.

The Nevada Education Reform Act requires schools that are eligible to receive state remediation funds for low performance to implement programs that have been approved by the Legislative Committee on Education and the State Department of Education as being effective in improving the academic achievement of pupils in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics and science (NRS 385.389).

Progress Report on the Nevada School District Accountability Program

Pursuant to NRS 385.359, the Bureau may contract with a consultant to review the accountability data of Nevada's school districts and provide a written report including any recommendations for improvement, at the end of the review.

Evaluation of Charter Schools in Nevada - June 2002 Report

This report provides case study evaluations of five charter schools in Nevada.These evaluations provide detailed information regarding how each charter school provides services to pupils, and how effective the services are in increasing the academic achievement of pupils, reducing the drop-out rate of at-risk pupils, and so on. Dr. George Perreault, Department of Educational Leadership - University of Nevada - Reno, conducted the evaluation.