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Accelerated Math (Math Renaissance and STAR Math)



Evidence of Effectiveness:


North Carolina – MacWilliams Middle School


In just five months, from August 1999 to February 2000, eighth-grade students in five math sections gained from 19 to 34 percentiles and improved their grade equivalent scores by 1.9 to 4.0 years.  The educator attributes these gains to the use of Accelerated Math software and Math Renaissance teaching strategies. 


Tennessee – Michigan Avenue Elementary School


This Title I school successfully integrated Accelerated Math and Math Renaissance into its traditional math curriculum during the 1998-99 school year.  STAR Math test scores between the late October 1998 pre-test and the early May 1999 post-test revealed increases of 19 percentiles for 226 students in grades three through five.  Fourth-grade students achieved especially significant gains – 32 percentiles in six months. 


Growth in Percentile Ranks from Fall 1998 to Spring 1999












PR Change










Tennessee – Dyersburg Intermediate School


Dyersburg Intermediate School purchased Accelerated Math in January 1999 and hosted an on-site Math Renaissance seminar in August of that same year.  Roger Wilson, a sixth-grade teacher, employed many of the techniques he learned in Math Renaissance training.  In the first six months of the 1999-00 school year, Wilson’s class achieved 4.3 grade-equivalent years of growth, as measured by the STAR Math computer-adaptive test.  The class also jumped from an average normal curve equivalent (NCE) of 37.7 to 70.7. 


Six-Month Gains for Wilson’s Sixth-Grade Classroom (18 students)



Scaled Score


Grade Equivalent

Normal Curve



Pre-Test Average








Post-Test Average
















North Carolina – Graham A. Barden Elementary School


During Spring 1999, Kathy Leffler implemented Accelerated Math and Math Renaissance in her fifth-grade classroom.  Her class contained a diverse population of student abilities, including a student who was mentally handicapped, students who were learning disabled, and gifted students.  During the period between the first and last STAR Math test administrations, Leffler’s classroom achieved dramatically accelerated growth.  The pre-test and post-test results show that Leffler’s 22 students improved, on average, by 2.5 years in just eight months. 


Eight-Months Gains for Fifth-Grade Classroom (22 students)



Scaled Score


Grade Equivalent

Normal Curve



Pre-Test Average








Post-Test Average

















Minneapolis Public Schools – Mandated Summer School Program


Accelerated Math and Math Renaissance techniques were used with 139 students in grades six, seven and eight during a 1998 six-week summer program in the Minneapolis Public Schools.  The district’s Northwest Achievement Level Test (NALT) results indicate the Accelerated Math students gained an average of 5.75 normal curve equivalents (NCEs) immediately following the summer school intervention – a gain nearly twice that of the 3.2 NCEs achieved during the previous academic year.  In addition, significant commensurate gains of 2.64 NCEs were documented on STAR Math during this six-week period. 


Program Description:


Accelerated Math management software is an integral part of Math Renaissance, a scientifically researched improvement process that’s proven to increase the effectiveness of virtually any math program, grades 1-12. 


Math Renaissance is based on four fundamental concepts:


1.       Professional Development:  Professional, trained teachers are the key to significant long-term improvement in schools.

2.       More Time On-Task:  Renaissance techniques enable teachers to give students the practice time they need, and monitor and guide that practice effectively.

3.       Focus on Math Skills:  Math is core subject in K-12 schools and students need the fundamental skills for improving test scores across the curriculum.

4.       Learning Information Systems (LIS):  Software, such as Accelerated Math, increases teachers’ effectiveness by providing valuable information to individualize instruction and help every student meet state and district standards.





By bringing together the four components, Math Renaissance helps educators improve student performance and ensure that all students meet state and district standards.


Math Renaissance works in all classrooms, grades 1-12, and for all students – gifted, average, and remedial.  In addition, Math Renaissance supports any curriculum or teaching method, and improves accountability at all levels. 


Renaissance software is currently in use in 53,000 schools, and more than 250,000 educators have been trained in Renaissance teaching strategies. 




Accelerated Math is a computerized math management program, designed to:


·         Motivate and monitor daily practice of foundational skills;

·         Help every student master every objective;

·         Generate personalized algorithm-based math assignments – each assignment being unique and promoting cooperative learning;

·         Reduce paperwork (system scores student daily work and tests);

·         Automatically identify areas requiring immediate intervention;

·         Enhance existing curriculum materials; and

·         Improve student success in mathematics.


STAR Math is a computer-adaptive math test and database that is an achievement-level learning information system that provides teachers with accurate math scores for students in grades 3-12 in fifteen minutes.  It serves two primary purposes:


1.       Provides teachers with quick and accurate estimates of student’s math skills; and

2.       Offers sound estimates of students’ math abilities relative to national norms. 


STAR Math has been correlated with many norm-referenced examinations, which allows teachers to fine-tune instruction prior to the next regular testing cycle. 


Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


NOTE:  STAR Math has been correlated to the CTB McGraw-Hill TerraNova Examination, the statewide norm-referenced examination utilized in Nevada.  The correlation coefficients range from 0.69 to 0.78, indicating a high degree of content validity and supporting STAR Math’s claim to predict student performance on the TerraNova test. 


Teacher Support:


·         Renaissance Professional Development:  Held on-site or at select locations. 

·         Web-based training courses and resources.

·         Renaissance Certification program.

·         On-site and telephone consulting support.


Equipment Requirements:


·         Windows or Macintosh computer

·         Accelerated Math Software

·         STAR Math Software




Accelerated Math Superkit with Star Math - $3,299; each kit includes:


·         Accelerated Math and Star Math Software

·         One Accelerated Math Standard Library

·         A Network-wide School Site License for up to 200 students

·         One AccelScan optical mark reader with 500 scan card pack

·         Installation Guide

·         Administrator’s Manual software instruction

·         12-Month Expert Support Plan (ESP) that provides toll-free telephone support for 12 months and free replacement of user-damaged CD-ROMs

·         Teacher’s Guide (five copies)

·         Ten Quick Reference Cards


Renaissance Professional Development - $4,600 (based on a group of up to 40 attendees); all consultant travel expenses included.


·         910:  Math Renaissance:  A one-day, on-site seminar for teachers and administrators that focuses on the best ways to use Accelerated Math in the classroom.  Attendees learn how to individualize math instruction for higher test scores, while maximizing the time spent one-on-one with students.  Add hand-on Accelerated Math software training for up to 30 educators for an additional $1,000.


On-Site Consulting - $3,600 (one day)


·         Follow-up to implementation of the program for troubleshooting and one-on-one work with teachers.


Distance Consulting - $1,500 (one year)


·         On-going review and analysis of reports generated through the program



For Information Contact:


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Current Location in Nevada:


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Washoe County School District

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