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Accelerated Reader (Reading Renaissance and STAR Reading)     



Evidence of Effectiveness:


Florida – Monroe County School District


Since implementing Accelerated Reader and Reading Renaissance Districtwide in all eight elementary school schools (6,000 students, grades K-8) during the 1998-99 school year, the reading achievement gap narrowed by 57% on the Stanford 9 achievement test.  Additionally, all schools received a grade of “A” in reading on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT).  Monroe County Schools’ overall performance on the FCAT was the highest in the state with a grade-point average of 2.75.


Idaho – Horizon Elementary School


Accelerated Reader and Reading Renaissance have had a significant impact on reading improvement at Horizon Elementary School.  Reading growth for 500 students in grades one through six increased 2.5 times, from 1.75 normal curve equivalents (NCEs) in 1996-97 to 4.75 and 4.35 in 1997-98 and 1998-99, respectively, for the entire school.  In addition, library circulation increased more than 15 times following the introduction of Accelerated Reader in 1994 and Reading Renaissance professional development in 1997.


Nebraska – Elkhorn Valley School


The STAR Reading standardized test was administered to students in grades two through six at the beginning of the school year in August 1999 and again in January 2000.  During that time, students read and passed Accelerated Reader quizzes on a total of 12,167 books, for an average of 3.5 books per student per week.  Over the five-month period, students increased their reading grade-equivalent level by an average of 1.1 years and their normal curve equivalents (NCEs) by 5.0.


Change in NCEs from August 1999 to January 2000
















NCE Change














North Carolina – Pamlico Middle School


Since implementing Accelerated Reader and Reading Renaissance, Pamlico County Middle School has seen dramatic increase in the percent of students scoring at or above grade level on the reading portion of North Carolina’s End-of-Grade Test.  In 1998 and 1999, the school received the honor “School of Distinction,” which is granted to schools in which 80% or more of the students score at or above grade level.  


Percent of Students At or Above Grade Level










































Program Description:


Accelerated Reader reading management software is an integral part of Reading Renaissance, a scientifically researched improvement process that is proven to increase the effectiveness of any pre-K-12 reading program. 


Reading Renaissance is based on four fundamental concepts:


1.       Professional Development:  Effective teachers are the key to significant long-term improvement in schools.

2.       More Time On-TaskRenaissance teaching strategies enable teachers to give students the practice time they need, and monitor and guide that practice effectively.

3.       Focus on Reading Skills:  Reading is a core subject in K-12 schools.  With improved reading skills, students will perform better in every subject. 

4.       Learning Information Systems (LIS):  Software, such as Accelerated Reader, increases teachers’ effectiveness by providing valuable information they can use to individualize instruction for every student. 

By bringing together the four components, Reading Renaissance helps educators improve student performance and ensure that all students meet state and district standards.


Reading Renaissance works in all classrooms, Pre-K-12, and for all students – gifted, average, and remedial.  In addition, Reading Renaissance supports any curriculum or teaching method, and improves accountability at all levels. 


Renaissance software is currently in use in 53,000 schools, and more than 250,000 educators have been trained in Renaissance teaching strategies. 




Accelerated Reader is a research-based reading management tool that helps educators motivate and monitor student reading practice.  This task-level learning information system provides educators reliable and objective information they can use to individualize instruction for every student, and is designed to:


·         Motivate students to read more and better books;

·         Provide accurate, actionable information on student reading progress;

·         Reduce paperwork for the teacher;

·         Enhance curriculum materials;

·         Improve student scores on standardized tests and master standards; and

·         Help every student become a successful reader.


STAR Reading is a computer-adaptive reading test and database.  This achievement-level learning information provides teachers with accurate reading scores for students in grades 1-12 in ten minutes.  STAR Reading serves two primary purposes:


1.       Provides teachers with quick and accurate estimates of student’s reading skills; and

2.       Offers sound estimates of students’ reading abilities relative to national norms. 


STAR Reading has been correlated with many norm-referenced examinations, which allows teachers to fine-tune instruction prior to the next regular testing cycle. 


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


·         Phonemic Awareness  ü

·         Phonics ü

·         Fluency ü

·         Vocabulary ü

·         Comprehension ü

·         Motivation ü










Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


NOTE:  STAR Reading has been correlated to the CTB McGraw-Hill TerraNova Examination, the statewide norm-referenced examination utilized in Nevada.  The correlation coefficients range from 0.63 to 0.82, indicating a high degree of content validity and supporting STAR Reading’s claim to predict student performance on the TerraNova test.


Teacher Support:


·         Renaissance Professional Development (held on-site or at select locations

·         Web-based training courses and resources

·         Renaissance Certification program

·         On-site and telephone consulting support


Equipment Requirements:


·        Windows or Macintosh computer

·        Accelerated Reader software

·         STAR Reading Software




NOTE:  Accelerated Reader software has been upgraded to AR Universal.  The upgraded version contains the following:


·         Reading instruction quizzes to match all new leading textbook series, including McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt, and Scott Foresman. 

·         Recorded-voice quizzes for pre- and emergent readers.

·         Reading practice quizzes for self-selected reading on 50,000 trade books.

·         Literacy skills tests to assess development of 24 key comprehension and thinking skills.


Cost to upgrade current version is $199 -  No support is included with purchase.


Accelerated Reader Superkit with STAR Reading- $2,999; each kit includes:


·         Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading software

·         Network-wide school site license for up to 200 students

·         Software manual

·         12-Month Support Plan that provides toll-free telephone support for 12 months and free replacement of user-damaged CD-ROMs

·         20 Reading Practice Title Disk Sets (up to 1,000 quizzes)

·         Great Ways to Motivate Students to Read, a booklet full of motivational ideas that get, an keep, pupils reading

·         Five Quick-Reference Cards


Renaissance Professional Development – See below for on-site seminar prices, based on groups of up to 40 attendees.  Prices include consultant travel expenses.


·         501:  Reading Renaissance Plus ($4,600):  This one-day, introductory reading seminar shows teachers and administrators the ten most important things they can do to dramatically improve reading skills using Accelerated Reader.  Attendees learn how to match students to the right books, reduce paperwork, and turn every student into a successful reader.  Add hand-on Accelerated Reader software training for up to 30 educators for an additional $1,000.

·         505:  The Reading Renaissance Librarian ($4,600):  This one-day, on-site seminar teaches librarians strategies and techniques they can use to help every student become a lifelong reader.

·         550:  Accelerated Reader Workshop ($4,050):  This one-day, on-site software training session shows educators how to get the most from Accelerated Reader.

·         601:  Advanced Reading Renaissance ($14,900):  This two-day, on-site seminar goes in-depth with advanced techniques for maximizing student reading growth.  Educators lean how to diagnose and solve reading problems, create effective power lessons that make more time for reading practice, and build confidence and fluency using a revolutionary peer-tutoring technique.

·         650:  Renaissance Diagnosis & Intervention Workshop ($4,600):  This advance one-day, on-site seminar shows educators how to use Accelerated Reader reports to pinpoint and solve reading problems quickly, before students become frustrated.


On-Site Consulting - $3,600 (one day)


·         Follow-up to implementation of the program for troubleshooting and one-on-one work with teachers.

Distance Consulting - $1,500 (one year)


·         On-going review and analysis of reports generated through the program



For Information Contact:


Larry Hahn, Nevada Contact                                Holly House, Nevada Contact

School Renaissance Institute                                School Renaissance Institute

P.O. Box 45016                                                 P.O. Box 45016

Madison WI 53744-5016                                     Madison WI 53744-5016

Phone:  1-602-524-4720, Dept. 4304                    Phone:  1-602-524-4720, Dept. 2401

             1-800-200-4848, Dept. 4304                              1-800-200-4848, Dept. 2401


Current Location in Nevada


Churchill County School District                                                                 

E.C. Best Elementary                              

750 E. Williams Avenue                           

Fallon, NV 89406                                   

Contact: Scott Meihack                           

Phone: (775) 423-3159


Clark County School District                   

Booker Elementary                                   Western High School                Craig Elementary               

2277 Martin Luther King Blvd.                  4601 W. Bonanza Rd.   2637 E. Gowan Rd.       

Las Vegas, NV 89106                              Las Vegas, NV 89107                N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact: Beverly Mathis                            Contact: Ronan Mathew             Contact:  Gloria Brooks

Phone: (702) 799-4720                             Phone: (702) 799-4080              Phone:  (702) 799-4910        


Cashman Middle School                           Woolley Elementary                   Manch Elementary

4622 West Desert Inn                              3955 Timberlake Drive              4351 Lamont St.

Las Vegas, NV 89102                              Las Vegas, NV 89115                Las Vegas, NV 89115

Contact: Evans Rutledge                           Contact: Holly Jaacks                Contact:  Donna Barber

Phone: (702) 799-5880                             Phone: (702) 799-4970              Phone:  (702) 799-4900


Lynch Elementary                                    Mathews Elementary                 Fremont Middle School

4850 Kell Lane                                        2750 Elementary Drive              1100 E. St. Louis

Las Vegas, NV 89115                              Reno, NV 89512                       Las Vegas, NV 89104

Contact: Andrew Martinez                        Contact: Barbara McLaury         Contact:  Russ Ramirez

Phone: (702) 799-8820                             Phone: (775) 353-5950              Phone:  (702) 799-5558


Martin Middle School                               Lunt Elementary                        Lincoln Elementary

2800 E. Stewart Ave.                               2701 Harris St.                         3010 Berg St.

Las Vegas, NV 89101                              Las Vegas, NV 89101                N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact: John Kelly                                  Contact:  Elena Villa                   Contact:  Linda Reese

Phone: (702) 799-7922                             Phone:  (702) 799-8360             Phone:  (702) 799-7133


Smith Middle School                                Thomas Elementary                   Von Tobel Middle School

1301 E. Tonopah                                     1560 E. Cheroke                       2436 N. Pecos

N. Las Vegas, NV 89030                          Las Vegas, NV 89109                Las Vegas, NV 89115

Contact: Theresa Nicholson                      Contact:  Elsie Harris                 Contact:  Kelly Sturdy

Phone: (702) 799-7080                             Phone: (702) 799-5550              Phone:  (702) 799-7280


Sunrise Acres Elementary                         West Middle School                  Desert Pines High School

2501 Sunrise Avenue                               2050 Sapphire Stone                  3800 Harris Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101                              Las Vegas, NV 89106                Las Vegas, NV 89110

Contact: Art Ochoa                                  Contact:  Andre DensonContact:  Susan Segal

Phone: (702) 799-7912                             Phone:  (702) 799-3121Phone:  (702) 799-2196


Carson Elementary                                   Diskin Elementary                     Herron Elementary

1735 N. D. Street                                    4220 S. Ravenwood                  2421 N. Kenneth

Las Vegas, NV 89106                              Las Vegas, NV 89117                N. Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact:  Linda Gipson                             Contact:  Sharlette Redick          Contact:  Anne Grisham

Phone:  (702) 799-7113                            Phone:  (702) 799-5930Phone:  (702) 799-7123


Mojave High School                                 Gibson Middle                          Orr Middle

5302 Goldfield                                         3900 W. Washington                 1562 E. Katie

N. Las Vegas, NV 89031                          Las Vegas, NV 89107                Las Vegas, NV 89119

Contact:  Andre Denson                           Contact:  Denise Robinson         Contact:  Barbara Rosenberg

Phone:  (702) 799-0432                            Phone:  (702) 799-4700Phone:  (702) 799-5573


Virgin Valley High

820 Valley View Drive

Mesquite, NV 89107

Contact:  Pamela Hawkins

Phone:  (702) 799-4080


Elko County School District

Jackpot Combined School                        Owyhee Combined School

P.O. Box 1601                                        P.O. Box 100

Jackpot, NV 89825                                  Owyhee, NV 89832

Contact:  Gretchen Griner                         Contact:  Gretchen Griner

Phone:  (775) 738-5196                            Phone:  (775) 738-5196


Esmeralda County School District

Dyer, Goldfield, and Silver Peak

P.O. Box 560

Goldfield, NV 89013

Contact:  Don Francom

Phone:  (775) 485-6382




Humboldt County School District

McDermitt Combined

P.O. Box 98

McDermitt, NV 89421

Contact:  John Moddrell

Phone:  (775) 532-8761


Lincoln County School District

Caliente Elementary                                  Meadow Valley Middle               Panaca Elementary

Caliente NV 89008                                   Panaca, NV 89042                    Panaca, NV 89042


Pahranagat Valley Elementary                    Pioche Elementary                     Round Mnt. Elementary

Alamo, NV 89001                                    Pioche, NV 89043                     Round Mnt., NV 89045


Contact:  Lorell Bleak

Phone:  (775) 728-4471


Mineral County School District

Schurz Elementary

P.O. Box 70

Schurz, NV 89427

Contact:  Joel Hoades

Phone:  (775) 773-2323


Nye County School District

Armargosa Valley Elementary

HC 15

Armargosa, NV 89020

Contact:  Gayle Crane

Phone:  (775) 372-5324


Pershing County School District

Imlay Elementary

P.O. Box 86

Imlay, NV 89418

Contact:  James Rowe

Phone:  (775) 538-7360


Washoe County School District

Duncan Elementary                                  I Can Do Anything Charter         Loder Elementary

1200 Montello Street                                1195 Corporate Blvd.                 600 Apple Street

Reno, NV 89512                                      Reno, NV 89502                       Reno, NV 89502

Contact:  Frank Garrity                            Contact:  Kitty Bergin                Contact:  Carol Worthen

Phone:  (775) 333-5190                            Phone:  (775) 857-1544Phone:  (775) 689-2540





Sierra Nevada Academy                           Smithridge Elementary               Traner Middle

13880 Stead Blvd.                                    4801 Neil Road             1700 Carville Dr.

Reno, NV 89506                                      Reno, NV 89502                       Reno, NV 89512

Contact:  Kim Regan                                Contact:  Ed Heywood               Contact:  Debra Feemster

Phone:  (775) 677-4500                            Phone:  (775) 689-2560Phone:  (775) 333-5130


Natchez Elementary

P.O. Box 130

Wadsworth, NV 89442

Contact:  Karen Owen

Phone:  (775) 351-1902


White Pine County School District

White Pine has used Reading Renaissance at three (3)

schools since 1995.  The District adopted the program

for use at all K-8 schools in August 1997. 

Contact: Mark Shellinger

Phone: (775) 289-4851