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Evidence of Effectiveness:


·         Houghton Mifflin Reading Unit Increases, by the College of New Jersey, Graduate Education Department.  Students using Brainchild achieved 18% more improvement than the control group.  The control group increased unit test scores in thirty (30) days by 1%, the Brainchild group increased 19%.


·         Stanford Achievement Test Study, by Principal Rick Heers and staff, Immokalee, Florida.  Students using Brainchild achieved 40% higher improvement than the control group (one year study).


·         ITBS Study, by Principal Sherman LaPrade and staff, Bacon County, Virginia.  ITBS composite score for school increased from 46th to 81st percentile from 1995 to 1996.  The 1997 score remained in the 80th percentile, even though the school switched to SAT9. 


·         Classrooms Without Walls: Extended Learning with Brainchild, by Arnold Sanchez, Texan A & M Doctoral Study.  This study was conducted to ascertain the effects of Brainchild=s extended learning techniques and products.  Three of Brainchild=s extended learning techniques were followed: 1) Independent study; 2) Collaborative/team exercises in the classroom; 3) Take-home programs employing parental involvement. 


The study focuses on students who scored under 50% in the 4th grade math TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills) Test.  Selected control and experimental groups were measured over a period of three (3) weeks; students were paired with matching characteristics.


The experimental group showed 52.5% growth in math achievement with a mean score of 87.40, while the control group showed 3.4% growth with a mean score of 58.30.


Program Description:


Brainchild’s PLS-1000  is a portable learning computer.  It may be used for extended learning, take home programs, and raising standardized test scores.  Over 160 software cartridges teach all core academic skills in a multiple choice format, for grades 1-12 and adult.  The program is also available in MAC and PC software, and can be used in either in single user or in networked environments.   


The program follows three (3) steps to higher achievement:


1.                   Pretest on each lesson to find strengths and weaknesses.


2.                   Each student works on the PLS-1000 or computer to learn and reinforce skills.


3.                   Posttest to record progress in the personal planning guide or automatically in the grade book provided by the computer software.



Key Features:


·         Promotes extended learning from the computer lab to classrooms and homes.

·         Forms a link between teacher, parent and student.

·         Promotes more time on task.

·         Produces rapid assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

·         Assists all types of learners in reaching their goals.

·         Offers three interactive modes: Study, Review and Test.

·         Randomizes, scores, times study and test sessions.

·         Offers rationales for correct and incorrect answers.

·         Frees up teacher time to provide more individual attention.

·         Interactive study with feedback promotes higher achievement.

·         Keeps gifted students challenged.

·         Gives more learning and reinforcement to students having difficulty.

·         Is 1/10th the cost of a computer.


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


·         Phonemic Awareness 

·         Phonics ü

·         Fluency ü

·         Vocabulary ü

·         Comprehension ü

·         Motivation ü









Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


NOTE:  The Brainchild Assessments have been correlated to the CTB McGraw-Hill TerraNova Examination, the statewide norm-referenced examination utilized in Nevada; results may be obtained from the program vendor.


Teacher Support:


·         A free Teachers= Guide provides six (6) extended learning techniques, for use in class or at home:


- Self-Paced Study

- Cooperative Learning

- Collaborative Learning

- Peer Mentoring

- Mentor Programs

- Take-Home Programs


·         Offers staff development workshops tailored to local preferences and requirements.





Equipment Requirements:


·         Brainchild Units or Computer Hardware

·         Software Cartridges




·         Class Pack: 25 -30 Students: 10 Brainchild Units; 30 Cartridges; Standard Carrying Cases



·         School Pack I: 100-200 Students: 50 Brainchild Units; 150 Cartridges; Deluxe Carrying Cases, A/C Adapters



·         School Pack II: 200-400 Students: 100 Brainchild Units; 300 Cartridges; Deluxe Carrying Cases; A/C Adapters



For Information Contact:


Mike Mountjoy or Dierdre Woods, Account Represenatives

967 4th Avenue North

Naples, Florida 34102

Phone: 1-800-811-2724


Current Location in Nevada:


Churchill County School District

Contact: Ronald B. Flores, Superintendent

Phone: (775) 423-5184


Clark County School District

Bracken Elementary                                 Dearing Elementary                   Harris Elementary

1200 N. 27th Street                                  3046 S. Ferndale                       3620 S. Sandhill

Las Vegas, NV 89101                              Las Vegas, NV 89121                Las Vegas, NV 89121

Contact:  Wendy Roselinsky                     Contact:  Judith Mutnick            Contact:  Sharon Caplan

Phone:  (702) 799-7095                            Phone:  (702) 799-7710Phone: (702) 799-7750


Lincoln County School District

Pioche Elementary

P.O. Box 30

Pioche, NV 89043

Contact:  Randal Allen

Phone:  (775) 962-5832