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Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC)

NOTE:  New Name – NCS Learn’s SuccessMaker Software




Evidence of Effectiveness:


Highlights of Evaluation Results:


·         Pilot for Fourth-Graders Doubles Student Mathematics Growth

Gunston Elementary, Fairfax County, VA


Faced with declining mathematics test scores, staff at Gunston Elementary sought a way to address the needs of all students, challenged and gifted as well as mainstream.  In January 1994, the fourth-graders began a five-month test of SuccessMaker mathematics courseware to support and extend classroom instruction, with a minimum of 15 minutes of daily instruction.  Posttest scores showed students= mean gain was one year, twice the expected growth in the five-month time.


·         Dramatic Decrease in Lowest Quartile; Increase in Highest Quartile

Hempfield School District, Landisville, PA


Starting in 1993, students in grades 2-6 in Centerville and Farmdale Elementary Schools began using SuccessMaker courses in their classrooms.  By the 1994 school year, over 2,000 students were taking daily SuccessMaker mathematics sessions and 120 teachers had been trained.  As measured by the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) administered fall 1993 and spring 1995, the percentage of low-achieving students had been significantly reduced, from an average of 17% to 6%.  The percentage of high-achieving students increased from an average of 33% to 54%.


·         Schoolwide Title I Project Exceeds Gains for Other District Projects

Norwood Elementary, Duval County, Jacksonville, FL


In the Schoolwide Title I program at Norwood Elementary School, all students in grades 1-5 took daily SuccessMaker mathematics and reading courses in their computer lab.  At each grade level, Norwood students= mean achievement gain on the CTBS standardized test was higher than the mean gain for all schoolwide projects in the 78 district schools.  In the two years of the study, the percentage of students at Norwood making gains in both basic and advanced skills increased.


·         Achievement Gap Narrowed Between Title I/Non-Title I Students

Seguin Elementary and Alvarez Elementary, McAllen, TX


These two schools, with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged, limited English-proficient students, won School of Excellence awards for their Schoolwide Title I programs.  Students took daily sessions in SuccessMaker reading to complement classroom instruction.  Results on the standardized achievement test show mean achievement levels for Title I students matched or almost matched the mean levels of non-Title I students.  Title I students passed the state test, Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS), at the same percentage rate as other students.


·         Increased Achievement Levels for Thousands of Title I Students

Title I Program, Philadelphia, PA


In Philadelphia, PA, Title I students in 24 parochial schools took SuccessMaker mathematics and reading courses.  Although the mean time students spent in each of the courses was a moderate 700 minutes for the year, the gains were significant.  The mean gain of students in reading comprehension was 5.2 NCEs and 8.2 NCEs in vocabulary; in mathematics concepts and application, mean gain was 4.4 NCEs; and in mathematics computation, mean gain was 14.1 NCEs.  There was a decrease of 38% in the number of students performing below average as measured by the achievement test.  This is the ninth year of implementation, demonstrating the continued effectiveness of SuccessMaker courses.


Program Description:


NOTE:  On January 16, 2001, NCS Pearson announced the new name of its electronic curriculum provider:  NCS Learn.  NCS Learn was created by the merging of sister businesses Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC) and NCS NovaNET in October 2000.  NCS Learn will maintain its SuccessMaker and NovaNET products.  However, SuccessMaker will only cover grades K-8 instead of through Grade 12.  NovaNET will continue to cover grades 6-12.


SuccessMaker software includes more than 50 courses and titles, offering over 3,000 hours of interactive learning in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, ESL/bilingual programs, and life-skills development.  SuccessMaker offers a balanced, flexible curriculum that unifies support for essential learning strategies with innovation environments for open-ended learning.  A set of powerful but easy-to-use tools enables educators to manage their options.  The design of SuccessMaker is as follows:


·         Foundations are the building blocks of SuccessMaker that guide students through the fundamentals of mathematics, reading, writing, and science.  Essential skills are reinforced through the acquisition of key concepts, application of problem-solving strategies, and continued progress assessment to monitor students= success.


·         ExploreWare presents students with exciting, real-world challenges to stimulate their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.  Guided and open-ended explorations provide rich opportunities for individual and collaborative student-centered learning.  Students discover connections between classroom subjects and the world around them.


·         Management Tools help teachers apply the right mix of Foundations and ExploreWare, or even software from other sources, to address the learning needs of each student.  With these tools, teachers can assess student performance, determine appropriate learning sequences, manage student portfolios, and continuously monitor progress.  Detailed reports help teachers provide personalized learning paths for students and document progress for accountability. 



Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


·         Phonemic Awareness 

·         Phonics ü

·         Fluency ü

·         Vocabulary ü

·         Comprehension ü

·         Motivation ü










Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


Teacher Support:


With extensive experience in integrating technology into the education process for K-12 schools in all 50 states and internationally, NCS Learn has developed comprehensive support services that are designed to assist staff before, during and after the technology purchase.  Support services include: Professional Development, Technical Support, Installation, Hardware Sourcing, Project Management, Site/Technical Planning, Program Support, Training, Program Planning and Administrative Pre-Planning.


Equipment Requirements:


Computer Hardware and Software




NCS Learn proposes several hardware and software options to serve the specific needs of a school. 


The first year cost breakdown is as follows: 1 SOLO - $2,100; 10-station network - $24,350; 20-station network - $46,000; 30-station network - $63,000.  Costs include installation, training, and maintenance. 


A Site License for a 75-station network is available for $95,000.  Costs include installation, training, and maintenance.


For Information Contact:


Brett Neilson, Inside Sales Representative  

3801 South 2780 East                             

South Lake City, UT 84109                     

Phone: (800) 242-7117 x2240

CELL: (801) 550-5063


Current Location in Nevada:


Clark County School District                   

Booker Elementary                                   Hewetson Elementary                Western High School

2277 Martin Luther King Blvd.                  701 North 20th Street                 4601 W. Bonanza Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89106                              Las Vegas, NV 89101                Las Vegas, NV 89701

Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                               Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                Contact: Ronan Mathew

Phone: (702) 784-1107                             Phone: (702) 784-1107              Phone: (702) 799-4080


Bracken Elementary                                 Madison Elementary                  Bell Elementary

1200 North 27th Street                             1030 AJ@ Street                         2900 Wilmington Way

Las Vegas, NV 89101                              Las Vegas, NV 89106                Las Vegas, NV 89102

Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                               Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                Contact:  Charles Santelman

Phone: (702) 784-1107                             Phone: (702) 784-1107              Phone:  (702) 799-5910


Cambeiro Elementary                               Park Elementary                        Cortez Elementary

2851 Harris Street                                    931 Franklin Avenue                  4245 E. Tonopah Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89101                              Las Vegas, NV 89104                Las Vegas, NV 89115

Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                               Contact: Dr. Kay Carl                Contact:  Betty Roqueni

Phone (702) 784-1107                             Phone: (702) 784-1107              Phone:  (702) 799-2180


Cashman Middle School                           Smith Middle School                 Carson Elementary

4622 West Desert Inn                              1301 East. Tonopah                  1735 N. D Street

Las Vegas, NV 89102                              N. Las Vegas, NV 89030           Las Vegas, NV 89106

Contact: Evans Rutledge                           Contact: Theresa Nicholson        Contact:  Linda Gipson

Phone: (702) 799-5880                             Phone: (702) 799-7080              Phone:  (702) 799-7113


Gragson Elementary                                 Martinez Elementary

555 N. Honolulu                                      350 E. Judson Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89110                              N. Las Vegas, NV 89303

Contact:  Charles Anderson                       Contact:  Patricia Hodges

Phone:  (702) 799-7330                            Phone:  (702) 799-3800


Esmeralda County School District

Dyer, Goldfield, Silver Peak

P.O. Box 560

Goldfield, NV 89013

Contact:  Don Francom

Phone:  (775) 485-6382


Washoe County School District

Johnson Elementary                                 Smithridge Elementary               Mitchell Elementary

Empire, NV 89405                                   4801 Neil Road             1216 Prater Way

Contact: David Green                               Reno, NV 89502                       Sparks, NV 89431

Phone: (775) 557-2336                             Contact:  Ed Heywood               Contact:  Charlene Sigala

                                                             Phone: (775) 689-2560              Phone:  (775) 353-5590

Natchez Elementary

P.O. Box 130

Wadsworth, NV 89442

Contact:  Karen Owen

Phone:  (775) 351-1902