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Compass Learning (formerly Jostens Learning)



Evidence of Effectiveness:


Connecticut - Hartford Study


Hartford students made unprecedented gains on the 1999 Connecticut Mastery Test, improving more in a single year than in the past four years combined:


Text Box: Mastery Test Results for Hartford Students

On the 1999 Connecticut Mastery Test, Hartford posted unprecedented gains in the percentage of students at or above the state goal in reading and math and modest gains in writing in two of three grades.

			1998		1999		Pecentage Pont
Hartford		    % at or above goal       % at or above goal	  gain or loss
4th grade			23		  36		     +13
6th grade			14		  35		     +21
8th grade			16		  27		     +11

4th grade			13		  20		     +7
6th grade			20		  31		     +11
8th grade			24		  36		     +12

Writing			33		  32		     -1
4th grade			28		  35		     +7
6th grade			25		  32		     +7



















Romulus Community Schools - Romulus, Michigan


38% Increase in Math and 26% in Reading


In Romulus Community Schools, educators have used Compass Learning software to increase student achievement on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP). From 1992 to 1995, the number of students exhibiting advanced skills on the MEAP increased by 38% in math and 26% in reading.


Park Intermediate School - Weiser, Idaho


44% improvement on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS).


Since 1994, teachers at Park Intermediate School have successfully integrated Compass Learning software into their current curriculum to increase student learning. The results have been dramatic - fourth-grade students using Compass Learning software improved an average of 44% on the ITBS.



Program Description:


Jostens Learning Corporation changed its name to Compass Learning on January 25, 2000. The company is now part of WRC Media, a leading publisher of supplemental education materials. WRC Media is the educational division of Ripplewood Holdings, LLC, a New York-based private equity investment firm. Ripplewood Holdings acquired Jostens Learning in July 1999. Per the company, besides the name change, no changes have occurred to the program.


Compass Learning is one of the leading developers of education software with programs in over 15,000 schools serving 10 million students worldwide. Building on a nearly 30-year history, Compass Learning takes full advantage of the power educational technology offers with professional development and strong curriculum that teaches the basics, higher order thinking, problem solving and allows for individualized student assessment and learning paths.


Compass Learning solutions include: the modular Tomorrow=s Promise core curriculum; VITAL Tools curriculum indexing program; Interactive Mathematics: Algebra and Pre-Algebra; Writing Expedition; and an ESL series.


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


         Phonemic Awareness















Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


NOTE: Compass Learning has comprehensive objective coverage for the following major national assessment tests: ITBS, CTBS, SAT, MAT, CAT and TerraNova; results may be obtained from the program vendor.


Teacher Support:


         Professional Development Services: Through a combination of consultations and formal workshops, Compass Learning's Professional Development Team uses adult education methodology to instruct educators on software possibilities. Compass Learning believes that continued professional development is the key to success in the classroom.

         Software Support Services: Annual contracts provide year-round curriculum courseware protection; includes toll-free telephone support.

         Hardware Support Services: Compass Learning provides next-day, on-site response for the hardware covered by agreement.



Equipment Requirements:


Appropriate computer hardware and software.




Prices vary according to software desired; a 20% Partnership Discount is provided in addition to applicable volume discounts. An example of costs for a 10-station Compass Peer-To-Peer System is as follows:


         Perpetual Software License for 10 stations: $31,862.00

+ 500.00 (software support for 1 year)


         Professional Development Services $ 1,700.00 (2 days for 20 participants)


         Software Installation and Integration $ 520.00


         Shipping $ 250.00


         Partnership Discount $ 6,472.00


         TOTAL $28,360.00


Total costs for a 30-station system: $72,475.00


For Information Contact:


Susan Scott, Regional Marketing Manager

7878 North 16th Street, Suite 100

Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Phone: 1-800-422-4339 x4564

E-mail: sscott@compasslearning.com


Current Location in Nevada:


Clark County School District

Sunrise Acres Elementary School Keystone Academy Charter High School

2501 Sunrise Avenue 777 E. Quartz

Las Vegas, NV 89101 Sandy Valley, NV 89019

Contact: Art Ochoa, Principal Contact: James Driscall

Phone: (702) 799-7912 Phone: (702) 723-1966


Washoe County School District

Lemmon Valley Elementary

255 W. Patrician Drive

Reno, NV 89506

Contact: Steve Voss

Phone: (775) 677-5460