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Fast ForWord




Evidence of Effectiveness:


Results with the Fast ForWord programs have been well documented. Numerous independent studies as well as detailed research and outcomes data consistently confirm the effectiveness of the programs. The Education Commission of the States (ECS) designated Fast ForWord as a "Promising Practice in Reading" and the Milken Family Foundation featured Fast ForWord in their report, "Reading Programs that Work."

To date, over 100,000 students in grades K-12 have trained with Fast ForWord programs. On average, Fast ForWord programs help students make gains of 1-2 years in the oral language and listening skills necessary for reading in just 4-8 weeks.


Manchester, Tennessee - TerraNova Results

In Manchester, Tennessee, students who used Fast ForWord programs in conjunction with the district's targeted initiatives, made statistically significant language and reading gains on the TerraNova achievement test, and dramatically exceeded state expectations.

Because strong language skills are the foundation for all learning, students also made statistically significant gains in other TerraNova subjects including math, science and social studies.


Language Comprehension in Students of Low Socioeconomic Status At-Risk for Reading Failure


A comparison of improvements in language comprehension was made between two groups of at-risk students, ages 7 to 9, of low socioeconomic status (SES) as classified by the Market Data Retrieval Database. A group of 59 students trained on Fast ForWord Language; the comparison group of 45 students did not participate in an intervention program during the same time period. The results are from the Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language (TACL), a standardized, nationally normed language test that these students completed before and after training on Fast ForWord Language. Results indicate that before training, both groups of at-risk low SES students performed, on average, below their age-expected performance levels. After training, performance for the group that trained on Fast ForWord Language moved within the average range. The comparison group showed some improvement but did not move as far into the average range as the Fast ForWord group. The gains made by the Fast ForWord group were significantly better than the gains made by the comparison group





Long-Term Improvements in Reading Skills Following Fast ForWord Language Training

After Fast ForWord Language training, students demonstrate improvements in the foundational skills required for fluent reading; results from up to one year after training show that students continue to improve their reading skills over the long term. Improvements in reading skills for more than 100 students in grades K through 6 from schools nationwide were monitored. The results are from the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement-Revised, a standardized, nationally normed reading test that students completed before and after training on the program, as well as six months to one year following training. Results indicate that before training, students performed, on average, toward the lower end of their age-expected performance level. After training, students demonstrated, on average, significant gains in reading skills. Test results directly after Fast ForWord Language training showed that students' ability to identify letters and words and to identify missing key words moved higher into the average range. In addition, test results 6 months to 1 year after training showed that students continued to develop their improved reading skills.














Program Description:


The Fast ForWord family is a series of individually adaptive, CD-ROM/Internet-based programs that can be used both together and separately to lay the foundation that helps students make rapid gains in thinking, communication and reading skills - gains that translate to improved motivation, self-esteem, and overall academic success.


For students in grades K-12, the Fast ForWord family of programs can:

         Assess early language and reading skills (Reading Edge)

         Develop early learning and computer skills (Fast ForWord Basics)

         Intensively train the language, listening and learning skills that are pre-requisites for reading (Fast ForWord Language, Fast ForWord Language to Reading, Fast ForWord Middle and High School)

         Help students practice reading with a multi-media reading kit (Fast ForWord Bookshelf)

         Systematically build the reading skills that correlate to school curriculum standards (Fast ForWord Reading, Fast ForWord Advanced Reading)


In addition, Fast ForWord programs offer a number of support resources, including professional training and development and a Web site that offers parents, educators and other learning facilitators a wide variety of information on the Fast ForWord programs. Fast ForWord programs also offer detailed data on the performance of each individual student.


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


         Phonemic Awareness















Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Completed; on file.


Teacher Support:


Professional development and ongoing support are critical components of the Fast ForWord family of programs. Fast ForWord professional training ensures that educators have all of the tools they need to offer Fast ForWord programs successfully. Currently there are a number of training options available:

         Fast ForWord Professional Training Seminar - a hands-on seminar

         Fast ForWord Professional Training Online (formerly CrossTrain) - train on a computer with a self-paced tutorial package


Each of these training options includes:

         A summary of the 25 years of brain research and science behind the Fast ForWord programs.

         Detailed information about the features and uses of each program.

         Step-by-step implementation and administration materials.

         Ideas for motivating and supporting participants during training.

         A guide to analyzing student performance reports and determining the gains students achieve after Fast ForWord training.


BrainConnection Online Professional Development is a resource that comes with the Fast ForWord family of programs. BrainConnection's online courses are designed for educators to increase their knowledge about how the brain works and how we all learn. By "learning about learning," teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists and staff developers will be able to understand how to choose curriculum tools and create the optimal school environment where all children have the opportunity to excel.


Equipment Requirements:


Windows Computers 95, 98, 2000 or NT version 4.0 or higher


         200 megahertz (MHz) Intel Pentium or compatible processor

         32 megabytes (MB) or random access memory (RAM)

         50 MB hard disk space

         4-speed CD-ROM drive

         32-bit Windows-compatible CD-ROM driver

         Netscape Navigator version 4.05 or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01


Macintosh Computers


         120 MHz PowerPC processor

         Mac OS 7.5.5 or higher (Open Transport must be installed and configured)

         16 MB free RAM with virtual memory turned off

         50 MB hard disk space

         4-speed CD-ROM drive

         Netscape Navigator version 4.05 or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01




Pricing for Full Site License (Site defined as a campus)


Year 1 Pricing: $29,900

Program Details:

Training Programs

Includes unlimited usage for 12 months at one site

30 CDs shipped of each

Fast ForWord Language or Fast ForWord Middle & High School

Fast ForWord Language to Reading


Educational Products

15 Fast ForWord Reading

Fast ForWord Professional Training (CrossTrain)

8 Reading Edge

10 Fast ForWord Basics/30 CDs

1 Fast ForWord Bookshelf


Professional Development

10 single-course Registrations for a BrainConnection.com course during the site license period


Implementation and Training Services

Planning with Implementation team

Proactive phone support for start-up, follow-up, compliance monitoring and data interpretation

Includes analysis of results data


Technical Services

Planning with technical project manager

Technical start-up kit (includes 3 copies of Surveyor software and documentation)

Technical assessment and site readiness review (provided by phone)

Unlimited toll-free access to SLc professional relations, customer service and technical support:

4am-6pm M-F; 7am-3pm Sat. (PST)

Web Resource Center, www.ScientificLearning.com


Year 2 Renewal Pricing:


A variety of renewal "mix and match" options for continued program use, upgrades, professional development services, new products, technical support will be available.


Pricing for Professional Development Products

$49 per single course per single license

For purchases of multiple licenses for a campus or district or department, pricing will be determined depending on numbers of licenses required.

Available courses:

The Reading Brain

The Developing Brain

Language and the Brain




For Information Contact:


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