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Evidence of Effectiveness:


Lightspan=s Research Program is guided by a team of academic researchers representing some of the nation=s finest universities and research organizations.  The following summary of results have been obtained from studies:


Emergent Literacy


In each study, ranging from 3 to 8 months, Lightspan students consistently demonstrated significant achievement gains and mastery of the alphabetic principle on norm-referenced tests.  This ready familiarity with frequent words and spelling patterns and their mapping to sounds are the foundational skills students must successfully master and retain to be good readers.  These findings suggest Lightspan can be used to help accelerate the literacy development of lower-achieving Aat-risk@ students to performance levels competitive with those of their higher-achieving peers.


·         Thirty-four percent of grade K-2 students moved from below grade level performance to performance at, or above, grade level versus movement of just 13% of students in a matched school, as measured by various standardized tests.  (Baltimore County School District)


·         Over a three-month period, 82% of students gained one or more grade levels as measured by vocabulary and comprehension test scores on a reading diagnostic.  (Milwaukee Public Schools)


Reading Comprehension


In each study, a high percentage of students demonstrated above average achievement as measured by standardized tests.  These findings suggest that when Lightspan is the school and home component of a well-implemented, balanced, research-based program, students who typically have achieved below par can achieve at the high standards expected of all students. 


·         Thirty-four percent of grade K-2 students moved from below grade level performance to performance at, or above, grade level versus movement of just 13% of students in a matched school, as measured by various standardized tests.  (Baltimore County School District)


·         Students tested at the end of second grade performed at a level expected of mid-year, third grade students on a standardized achievement test.  (Ector County Independent School District)


·         Over a ten-week period, fifth grade students showed a 6% gain in reading comprehension versus no gains in a matched class on a standardized achievement test.  (Mesa Public Schools)





Results from studies are promising indicators of Lightspan=s impact on establishing and nurturing mathematics abilities in all students regardless of background factors or previous academic performance.


·         Grade 6 students realized gains in Mathematics (8.1 point gain versus state average of 7.0) and Reading (3.4 point gain versus 2.8 state average) state test scores.  (Caldwell County School District)


·         Over a five-week summer school program, grade 3-6 students showed a significant increase in mathematics abilities (6.75% increase) on a standardized achievement test.  (Ector County Independent School District)


Family Involvement


Evidence of Lightspan=s impact on family involvement has been captured in each of the individual case studies and through two years of self- evaluation research.  Results indicate that over 85% of Lightspan families report engaging in learning activities for one-half hour or more per day. 


·         Seventy-five percent of students spent one hour or more per day using the Lightspan program; 90% of parents reported knowledge of what their child was doing in school.  (Guilford County School District)




District 8 in New York City examined what impact Lightspan would have on keeping students in school.  For purposes of this study, attendance records were kept on a month-by-month basis.  Results indicate that attendance increased as much as 9% following the introduction of Lightspan and was sustained for the rest of the school year.


·         Following the introduction of the Lightspan Program, attendance increased 9% in a school where 20% of the students live in homeless shelters.  (New York City Public Schools)


Local Results – C.P. Squires Elementary – Las Vegas, Nevada


The following TerraNova test results illustrate the gains made by fourth grade students at C.P. Squires Elementary School in Las Vegas.  School year 2000-2001 results are compared to 1996-97 results, one year prior to implementation of Lightspan


Test Subject













Not Required



Program Description:


·         Lightspan Achieve Now is an approved skill- and content-based Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Model program. Lightspan Adventures deliver a Nevada standards-based interactive curriculum on CD-ROMs and cover reading, language arts, and mathematics for grades K-8. Lightspan Adventures combine engaging stories, characters, and interactivity in ways that lead students to higher achievement. In class or at home, Lightspan Adventures can be run on either a Sony Playstation game console or a multimedia-equipped Microsoft Windows PC. Teacher support is provided via dynamic Teacher Guides that not only provide details about each Lightspan Adventure, but also include a full complement of support materials for teachers and students.

·         The Lightspan Network is a Nevada standards-based Internet community that supports a student achievement model that gives teachers more power to assess, align, instruct, and evaluate. A powerful and secure search engine, Learning Search+, empowers teachers as they quickly and efficiently locate lesson plans, learning activities, and other Internet sites relevant to a grade-specific Nevada educational objective. A 30-day free trial of The Lightspan network is available on the Internet at www.lightspan.com.

·         Lightspan eduTest Assessment is a nationally standards-based Internet assessment resource that supports schools and districts in measuring student performance in real time. Assessment drives instruction in the classroom, and Lightspan eduTest Assessment supports administrators, teachers, and students by providing early indications of students’ strengths and needs. Administrators can chart progress throughout the year. Classroom teachers can target instruction where it is needed most. Students become responsible for their progress, becoming more motivated to succeed and less threatened by tests. You may preview Lightspan eduTest Assessment on the Internet at www.edutest.com.

·         Lightspan Professional Development builds the capacity of schools, families, and communities to improve student achievement. Lightspan consultants provide site-specific professional development for school communities, including workshops for parents. Lightspan also delivers professional development via CD-ROM and the Internet, empowering teachers to take full advantage of multimedia resources as it supports their user levels and schedules.


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


·         Phonemic Awareness  ü

·         Phonics ü

·         Fluency ü

·         Vocabulary ü

·         Comprehension ü

·         Motivation ü










Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Completed – Available through Lightspan.


Teacher Support:


Lightspan provides several opportunities to expand the resources available for the professional development of teachers.  First, Lightspan=s programming is available to teachers 24 hours a day, in both their classroom and homes.  Teachers can access video-based programming at their convenience and review proven instructional strategies and incorporate them into their current classroom instruction.  In addition to the curriculum programming and support materials, Lightspan=s affiliate programming provides additional professional development resources, such as AIT=s series Every Child Can Succeed.


Lightspan also offers teachers opportunities for collaboration and development with on-line Internet service, The Lightspan Network.  In addition to standard features, such as discussion groups and lessons and project exchanges, The Lightspan Network offers discipline-based features hosted by education experts that explore, in-depth, topics relating to instruction in reading, language arts, and mathematics.


Finally, Lightspan=s field technical team is comprised of experienced professionals who help your community plan and implement the technology underlying an expanded school-home connection.  Lightspan helps schools source the required hardware components, and support local technology staff through on-site visits and a toll-free, six-day a week technical support hotline.


Equipment Requirements:


·         Sony Playstation, PSOne, or Playstation 2


Sony’s Playstation is an advance game consol that combines full-screen video and CD-quality audio with more interactive processing power than most personal computers.  Connected to a television set, the Playstation supports teacher presentations to whole groups in a classroom; supports student learning activities in Lightspan Learning Centers; and supports extended day activities. 


·         MPEG-enabled Windows and Macintosh Computers


Lightspan=s Adventures CD-ROM plays on all recent model Windows and Mac PCs, equipped with MPEG digital video cards to support full-motion, full-screen video.




·         Lightspan Achieve Now:  Focus Implementation -- $12,000 (no maintenance fee)


·         Lightspan Network:  $3,000 for a subscription year.


·         Lightspan eduTest Assessment:  $4,750 for a subscription year.


For Information Contact:


Roel Piseno, Director of Education Partnerships

9636 Marigny Court

Las Vegas, NV 89129

Phone:  (888) 4-All Kids x 1056

             (702) 804-5239






Current Location in Nevada:


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Humboldt County School District

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Contact: Pat Boyd, Associate Superintendent

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White Pine County School District

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