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NOTE: New Name - NCS Learn's NovaNET




Evidence of Effectiveness:


NovaNET=s curricula have been evaluated with over 30 million hours of cumulative use. Results indicate average gains in the range of 1.3 to 2.5 grade levels for every 20 hours of on-line work with the principal curricula. Because students typically progress directly to the level at which they need help, the learning progress is fast in comparison with traditional teaching methods. NovaNET has been successfully used by schools to reduce dropout and at-risk rate, increase test scores and accelerate student achievement:


Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS)


NovaNET aligned lessons to meet the new Texas state standards - the TEKS. NovaNET also helped a number of schools align a curriculum to meet the district=s specific needs. In addition, NovaNET offered TAAS middle school and high school preparation materials, along with practice tests. Results show test score improvement:


         Mercedes Independent School District (ISD)


Mercedes ISD runs three NovaNET labs - a high school program for accelerated credit accrual, a middle school program to update the students= skill levels and facilitate a successful transition to high school, and an alternative education program. The following results have been achieved with the implementation of NovaNET:














         Ysleta Independent School District


Five years ago, Ysleta ISD ranked at the bottom of the largest school districts in Texas. After starting a district wide alternative plan relying heavily on NovaNET, Ysleta ISD=s middle and high schools have been recognized for TAAS in Texas.



         Woodrow Wilson High School


Woodrow Wilson High School uses NovaNET with traditional high school students to provide remediation and accelerated course work. The school was on the restructure list due to poor TAAS results in 1996. In 1997, NovaNET was implemented (the only significant change made), the following results are noted:













Program Description:


NOTE: On January 16, 2001, NCS Pearson announced the new name of its electronic curriculum provider: NCS Learn. NCS Learn was created by the merging of sister businesses Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC) and NCS NovaNET in October 2000. NCS Learn will maintain its SuccessMaker and NovaNET products. NovaNET will continue to cover grades 6-12.


NovaNET is a computer-based learning system, which provides learners and teachers with access to almost 10,000 hours of self-paced instruction in more than 150 subject areas. NovaNET was developed by the University of Illinois= Computer-based Education Research Laboratory and represents the culmination of over 35 years of research and development. The NovaNET system currently serves learners and educators in over 700 sites in 35 states and has grown at a 30-50% annual rate over the past five years.


NovaNET=s curriculum has been correlated to a wide range of national and state education frameworks and standards. NovaNET=s curriculum offerings include:


         Pre-Basic Skills: vocabulary, English as a second language

         Basic Skills: reading, math, language arts, spelling

         High School and Middle School: math, English, social studies, earth science, biology, physical science, chemistry, study skills, etc.

         Testing & Assessment: Testing is integrated into the curriculum, local test authoring, Princeton Review=s SAT/ACT, etc.


Users link their existing Apple, Macintosh, or IBM-compatible personal computers or computer networks to NovaNET through a dedicated telecommunications network. As an online service, NovaNET is easily supported in a variety of technical configurations, from stand-alone computers to local and wide-area networks and even full access via modem from the home. Teachers can communicated online directly with their students, leaving notes as reminders or encouragement. Site managers and instructors can communicate directly with other sites and with service and support personnel. Students utilize NovaNET=s bulletin boards to improve their written communication skills in structured, online discussion forums.



Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


         Phonemic Awareness















Correlation to Nevada State Standards


A correlation of the program to Nevada State Standards has been completed. A copy may be received by contacting the program vendor.


Teacher Support:


Customer support services include extensive on-site training and staff development, immediate educational and technical support through hotlines, bulletin boards and access to on-line consultants.


Equipment Requirements:


Computers: Apple, MacIntosh or IBM-compatible personal computers or computer networks.




         A one-time installation and training cost includes data line installation, all NovaNET communications hardware required to provide capacity for up to the specified number of connections, on-site installation and all documentation and manuals.


Installation Fees: (Includes 4 days of on-site training for up to 8 staff)

Network Installation Up to 100 Connections $12,000

Serial Installation Up to 16 Connections $12,500

Serial Installation Up to 32 Connections $15,500


         Annual Subscription and Service


10 Connections $20,900

14 Connections $25,690

16 Connections $29,400

20 Connections $34,500

26 Connections $40,820

32 Connections $50,240





         Example: For a 16-connection, networked installed lab, the first year=s cost would be:


Installation $12,000

Subscrip. $29,400

TOTAL $41,400


This cost includes unlimited usage of any and all software, technical support, and service provided by NCS Learn.


For Information Contact:


Chris Cooper

NCS Learn

5451 E. Williams Blvd. Suite 151

Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: 1-888-731-0311

(520) 885-0709

Current Location in Nevada:


Churchill County School District White Pine County School District

Contact: Ron Flores, Superintendent Contact: Robert Dolezal, Superintendent

Phone: (775) 423-5184 Phone: (775) 289-4851


Nye County School District

Beatty High School

P.O. Box 806

Beatty, NV 89003

Contact: Keith Koerner

Phone: (775) 553-2595


Washoe County School District

Wooster High School

1331 E. Plumb Lane

Reno, NV 89502

Contact: Serena Robb

Phone: (775) 333-5100


ICDA Charter High School

1195 Corporate Blvd., Suite C

Reno, NV 89502

Contact: Kitty Bergin

Phone: (775) 857-1544