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Saxon Phonics                                                                                




Evidence of Effectiveness:


Riviera Elementary:  Kelseyville, California


Began Program: 10/96

Testing: CTBS, TerraNova


Riviera Elementary is a 50% welfare school; all but 4 students were tested.


Spring 1998 (reading, spelling)                             TerraNova                                 TerraNova

Statewide Average                      Riviera Elem Average

Kindergarten (1 year of Saxon Phonics)                Not tested statewide                   80 (reading)

71 (spelling)


1st grade (2 years of Saxon Phonics)                    39 (reading)                               67 (reading)

38 (spelling)                               67 (spelling)


2nd grade (1 year of Saxon Phonics)                     36 (reading)                               56 (reading)

38 (spelling)                               50 (spelling)



Dr. W.T. Griggs Elementary:  Poplar Branch, North Carolina


Began Program: 9/97 - Second Grade

Testing: S.T.A.R.

Pre-Test 8/97                             Post-Test 6/98

Reading G.E.                                                             1.4                                              2.4

Reading PR                                                              49.0                                            69.0

Reading NCE                                                           49.7                                            60.4


Mayer Elementary School:  Mayer, Arizona


Began Program: 8.97 - First Grade

Testing: Stanford Achievement Test

Pre-Test 8/97                             Post-Test 4/98

First Grade Class Average                                         62.2%                                         77.2%






McKinley Elementary: Parkersburg, West Virginia


Second Grade

Testing: Woodcock Johnson


These were second grade students who attended a Remedial Reading Class.


Fall >97 Average                        Spring >98 Average

Word ID                                                                   1.45                                              2.80

Word Attack                                                              1.85                                              5.82

Word Comp.                                                              1.47                                              2.62

Passage Comp.                                                          1.60                                              2.77

Total Reading                                                             1.67                                              3.15


Program Description:


Saxon=s Primary Phonics series is a success-oriented program that enables most students in a heterogeneous class to develop a solid foundation in phonics and thus become successful readers.  In keeping with the Saxon philosophy, the phonics series builds on prior learning.  New learning is presented in increments, and each increment is reviewed throughout the year.  This provides every student with the exposure he or she needs to achieve success.


The phonics series is supplemental and may be used with any other reading program.  Its objective is to provide students with the information they need to be able to read independently. 


The program teaches students how to read by introducing them to language in small increments.  Students are taught to Acode@ words by identifying the sound each letter/letter cluster makes, thus enabling them to read, and eventually, to spell, those words.  A series of spelling rules explaining typical patterns used to spell words is also taught.  These rules are displayed on wall charts hung around the classroom so that they may be referred to easily.  Words that do not follow the spelling rules are displayed on posters and in booklets students keep at their desks. 


Throughout the program, a controlled vocabulary is used, which means that students are only exposed to words containing those letters, letter clusters, and sounds that have been taught.  This ensures that students will experience continued success as they learn to read.


A teacher=s guide provides activities and language appropriate for students at each grade level.  It is scripted (like a play), providing questioning strategies that enable students to participate actively in the learning process.  Although it is not necessary to memorize the script, teachers are encouraged to follow the script and the questioning strategies as closely as possible but in a way that is comfortable.  It is important that the various activities provided in the lessons be included daily because of the opportunities provided for the different learning modalities. 


NOTE:  Saxon Publishers, Inc. has recently released a new program – Phonics Intervention (8/99); a remedial program appropriate for 4th grade through adult.  This program does not yet have the research available to support its inclusion on the List of Effective Remedial Programs. 





Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


·         Phonemic Awareness  ü

·         Phonics ü

·         Fluency ü

·         Vocabulary ü

·         Comprehension

·         Motivation










Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.


Teacher Support:


·         Teacher Resource Booklets contain teaching suggestions on how to get the most out of the Saxon program.  Available at no charge.


·         Inservices are available, as needed.


·         Inservice Videotapes feature experienced teachers and their classrooms, illustrating how the Saxon program can best be taught.  Available at no charge.


·         Teacher Support is available via telephone - 1-800-284-7019.


Equipment Requirements:






Student materials (alphabet strips, letter tiles, student sheets, readers, and irregular spelling booklets) for the program are supplied in 24- and 32-student kits.  The kits provide all of the written material needed for an entire classroom of students.  Student material is organized by lesson and stored in stackable, reusable crates, making it readily accessible during class time. 


Pricing by grade level is as follows:


Phonics K                      24-Student Kit    $324.0032-Student Kit    $432.00

Phonics 1                      24-Student Kit    $456.0032-Student Kit    $599.00

Phonics 2                      24-Student Kit    $420.0032-Student Kit    $560.00





For Information Contact:


Grant Richins

Saxon Publishers, Inc.

2450 John Saxon Blvd.

Norman, Oklahoma 73071

Phone: 1-800-453-6856 or

           1-801-580-7334 (cell) or

           1-435-336-2542 (office) or

      1-800-284-7019 (central office for Saxon)


Current Location in Nevada:


Clark County School District                    Washoe County School District

Wiener Elementary School                        Contact: Linda Himmel

450 East Eldorado Lane                            Phone: (775) 850-8028

Las Vegas, NV 89123

Contact: Margaret Appulglise

Phone: (702) 799-5760


Cahlan Elementary

2801 Fort Sumter Drive

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact:  Jean Jackson, Principal

Phone:  (702) 799-7103


McCall Elementary

800 Carey Avenue

North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Contact:  Mary Manchego

Phone:  (702) 799-7149