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Evidence of Effectiveness:


Harvard School of Education - Evaluation


A study released by a researcher at Harvard School of Education confirms that WiggleWorks, the multimedia-based Scholastic Beginning Literacy System, significantly raises reading scores for first grade pupils.


From November 1994 to June 1995, 651 students participated in the Harvard study. To measure the students' improvement in reading skills, researchers administered three subtests of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, including vocabulary, word analysis, and language. At the end of the study, according to Lynn Hickey Schultz, Ed.D., the study's primary researcher, "Using the WiggleWorks technology, students scored higher than the comparison students on all three subtests. In fact, the gains made in a composite score of the language arts subtests were more than twice as great for the WiggleWorks technology group than for the comparison group. Even among the comparison students, those using only the WiggleWorks print materials showed greater improvement in both reading and writing than those using their regular language arts materials."


The figure below illustrates results for the composite language arts score in a bar graph.


Validation Chart
























Program Description:


Designed for K-2 classrooms, WiggleWorks consists of a library of 72 books in three stages, each available on CD-ROM for Macintosh or Windows, with tools to support reading, writing, speaking and listening. The comprehensive management system enables teachers to tailor instruction for each student, such as providing additional stages for those students who need extra support. In addition to monitoring student activities and saving student work, the management system provides an electronic portfolio option for each student. WiggleWorks most important features include:


         Instructional options, such as reading, writing, and book-making;

         Customizable presentation options, such as text size, background color, recorded sound, or graphics;

         Read-aloud options, such as word-by-word, or line-by-line;

         Single-switch access;

         Customizable settings to support different disabilities and learning styles;

         Customizable work lists to enhance spelling; and

         Book-making capabilities that allow students to create their own stories, complete with text, graphics, and sounds.


WiggleWorks includes 84 leveled titles, which are delivered electronically, in print, and on audiocassettes. Organized in four stages of 24 titles each and leveled into nine sections, the program is designed so that all young readers can experience immediate success, gaining confidence and control as they progress from level to level. A friendly, animated worm host, fun sound effects, original music, and colorful graphics motivate emerging readers to read, write, listen, and create original stories independently. The WiggleWorks activities are learner-controlled and provide opportunities for multiple responses. The four stages are as follows:


         Stage A Emergent

         Stage B Early

         Stage C Fluent

         Stage D Independent


Aspects of Reading


This program addresses the following aspects of reading:


         Phonemic Awareness















Correlation to Nevada State Standards


Currently being completed.





Teacher Support:


Staff Development


On-Site Staff Development: Fee-based training to be arranged between Scholastic and the participating school.


Equipment Requirements:


         Macintosh or Windows Student Workstations


         Macintosh or Windows Teacher Workstation


         Network (any commonly available LAN protocol that allows client-server based file sharing, including Novell, Windows NT, etc).




The Complete Interactive System


Stage A CD-ROM Version $1,750

Network Version $5,000


Stage B CD-ROM Version $1,750

Network Version $5,000


Stage C CD-ROM Version $1,750

Network Version $5,000


Stage D CD-ROM Version $ 950

Network Version $2,850


Additional book units, literature collections, library packs, teaching guides, etc. may be purchased separately.


There is a 9% shipping and handling charge for each order.


NOTE: The Complete Interactive System may also be purchased in a Spanish version.


For Information Contact:


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Current Location in Nevada:


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