Director of Legislative Counsel Bureau

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The Director functions as the executive head of the Legislative Counsel Bureau and supervises all of its daily administrative and technical activities. The Legislative Commission appoints the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau and sets the compensation for the position. The Director, in turn, appoints the chiefs of the divisions, subject to the approval of the Legislative Commission.

The Director employs staff for the bureau at salaries within the limits of legislative appropriations and the salary schedule approved by the Legislative Commission, and authorizes claims against the Legislative Fund. In that capacity, the Director signs checks for the bureau's payroll and for the special intergovernmental account and makes the necessary deductions and contributions for legislators' retirement. In his assigned role as Chief of the Administrative Division, the Director also is ex officio Legislative Fiscal Officer. Other duties and responsibilities are discussed in the section on the Administrative Division.

As noted in the section entitled Legislative Commission, the Director serves as Secretary to the Legislative Commission. This officer is also required to report inventory and purchases of supplies for each session and to assign space in and supervise the upkeep of the Legislative Building, other buildings used for legislative purposes, and the legislative grounds. With the authorization of the Legislative Commission, the Director may enter into agreements for the acquisition of property necessary to support the Legislature and its staff.

The Director is given the statutory responsibility of registering lobbyists and is charged with receiving and filing administrative regulations. In addition, the Director serves as Secretary to the Interim Finance Committee, provides a secretary for the Interim Retirement Committee, is a nonvoting member of the Marlette Lake Advisory Committee, and is the Nevada Legislative Federal-State Coordinator.