Facilities and Services

Legislative staff and services are located in three separate facilities: the Sedway Office Building and the Legislative Building in Carson City and the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas.

Legislative Counsel Bureau Offices

Director's Office and Administrative Division--Legislative Building, 775-684-6800
Las Vegas Office--Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 East Washington Avenue, Room 4400, 702-486-2800
Audit Division--Sedway Office Building, Second Floor, 775-684-6815
Fiscal Analysis Division--Sedway Office Building, Third Floor, 775-684-6821
Legal Division--Legislative Building, 775-684-6830
Research Division--Sedway Office Building, First Floor, 775-684-6825


The Sedway Office Building is located southeast of the Legislative Building on the corner of Fifth and Stewart Streets. This three-story structure houses the Legislative Library and the offices of the Audit, Fiscal Analysis, and Research Divisions.


The Legislative Counsel Bureau is located in the Grant Sawyer State Office Building at 555 East Washington Avenue in Room 4400. The Las Vegas office furnishes legislative information, provides access to all Legislative Counsel Bureau staff services, and manages individual and committee meeting space for the Legislature in the facility. The office also contains a library area, which is open to the public, with legislative reference material and computers to access bill status information.


Located on the Legislative Mall, which covers an area of seven former city blocks, south of the Capitol, the Legislative Building contains 180,000 usable square feet and facilities for the Legislature and the Legislative Counsel Bureau. Included within the building are equipment and accommodations for the public and the Legislature which make the building one of the finest in the nation for its purpose. The building was constructed following the 1969 Legislative Session and remodeled and substantially expanded following the 1995 Session.

Toll Free Services for Constituents

Several information services are available to constituents.


Constituents outside the local calling area may make toll-free calls to their legislators from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by dialing 800-992-0973 for all of Nevada except Las Vegas. Las Vegas area callers may dial 486-2626. All calls will be put through to the legislator's office. If the telephone is not answered by the fourth ring, the call will forward to voice mail. If the person does not wish to leave a message on voice mail, the caller may dial 03 to be forwarded to the Message Center, which is located on the second floor of the Legislative Building. All messages for legislators taken by the Message Center are delivered to the offices of the Sergeants at Arms and placed in the legislators' mailboxes. Emergency messages are delivered directly to either the Sergeant at Arms or the legislators' secretaries. Our toll free fax number is 866-543-9941.


For TTY access dial 775-684-6905.