[Rev. 11/21/2013 4:18:09 PM--2013]

[NAC-380 Revised Date: 10-06]


380.010            Legal books and materials required in every county.

380.020            Advance sheets and opinions.




      NAC 380.010  Legal books and materials required in every county. (NRS 380.153)  The following legal books and materials are considered primary sources and are required by law to be available, in print or electronic form, in every county to the inhabitants of that county:

     1.  Advance Sheets of Nevada Statutes.

     2.  Nevada Revised Statutes.

     3.  Nevada Administrative Code.

     4.  Nevada Attorney General’s Opinions, beginning with the opinions given in 1980.

     5.  Nevada Reports, beginning with volume 87 or equivalent (i.e., Pacific Reporter).

     6.  The bills, resolutions, daily histories, daily journals and index for the bills and resolutions of the most recent session of the Nevada Legislature.

     7.  United States Statutes at Large beginning with Volume 94 or equivalent (i.e., United States Code and Congressional Administrative News).

     8.  Public Laws of the United States (slip laws from the current Session of Congress) or equivalent (i.e., United States Code and Congressional Administrative News).

     9.  United States Supreme Court Reports, beginning with volume 97 or equivalent (i.e., Lawyer’s Edition or Supreme Court Reporter).

     10.  United States Code or equivalent (i.e., United States Code annotated or United States Code Service).

     11.  Code of Federal Regulations.

     12.  Federal Register.

     13.  The county code, if any, of the county in which the library is located and the municipal codes, if any, of the cities within that county.

     14.  Black’s Law Dictionary.

     15.  The Official Handbook of Nevada Legal Forms published by NALS of Nevada.

     16.  Nevada Civil Practice Manual published by the State Bar of Nevada.

     [St. Librarian, § 1, eff. 8-25-82]—(NAC A by Library & Archives Admin’r by R089-06, 6-1-2006)

      NAC 380.020  Advance sheets and opinions. (NRS 380.153)  The advance sheets and the advance opinions of the United States Supreme Court Reports, the Nevada Reports and the Nevada Attorney General’s Opinions must be obtained and made available to the general public as soon as they are issued.

     [St. Librarian, § 2, eff. 8-25-82]