[Rev. 11/22/2013 10:20:16 AM--2013]

[NAC-668 Revised Date: 10-06]


668.010††††††††††† Complaints: Failure to respond; confidentiality.




††††† NAC 668.010  Complaints: Failure to respond; confidentiality. (NRS 658.105)

†††† 1.  If a licensed bank, or an authorized representative of that licensee, fails to respond to the Commissioner of Financial Institutions within 20 business days after receipt of a written notice that a complaint has been filed against the licensee, the licensee is deemed to have admitted to the allegations contained in the complaint.

†††† 2.  Subject to the discretion of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions and except as otherwise provided by specific statute, a complaint filed with the Division of Financial Institutions of the Department of Business and Industry, any documents filed with the complaint, and any report or information resulting from an investigation of a complaint are confidential.

†††† (Added to NAC by Commír of Financial Institutions by R109-06, eff. 6-28-2006)