Research Division Staff

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Research Director's Office

  • Scholley, Susan E., Research Director
  • Stewart, Michael J., Deputy Research Director
  • McClure, Janice, Manager of Administrative Services

Committee and Policy Research Services

  • Lyons, Marsheilah D., Chief Principal Research Analyst
  • Mouritsen, Paul, Chief Principal Research Analyst for Special Projects
  • Stonefield, Carol M., Chief Principal Research Analyst
  • Ruedy, Jennifer, Senior Principal Analyst
  • Thomas, Marjorie Paslov, Senior Principal Analyst
  • Butterworth, Todd, Principal Research Analyst
  • Guinan, Patrick, Principal Research Analyst
  • Martini, Mindy, Principal Research Analyst (Las Vegas Office)
  • McDonald, Jered, Principal Research Analyst
  • Richard, Kelly, Principal Research Analyst
  • Thornton, Diane, Principal Research Analyst
  • Comlossy, Megan, Senior Research Analyst
  • Keller, Alysa, Senior Research Analyst
  • Stinnesbeck, Jann, Senior Research Analyst
  • Sturm, Jennifer, Senior Research Analyst
  • Coons, Janet, Manager of Secretarial Services
  • Aguayo, Maria, Senior Research Secretary
  • Gardner, Lisa, Senior Research Secretary
  • Gleason, Deborah, Senior Research Secretary
  • Harper, Christina, Senior Research Secretary
  • King, Julianne, Senior Research Secretary
  • Pieretti, Natalie J., Senior Research Secretary
  • Brase, Jan, Receptionist/Research Secretary
  • Sullivan, Fran, Principal Research Technician

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  Last updated 9/25/2017