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Printing Maps within a browser

Listed below are instructions on printing our maps within a Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer browser.  Our maps are saved as jpg images and may also be imported into a graphics program for printing.

Internet Explorer Users

Printing a Page

  1. On the File menu, click Print.
  2. Set the printing options you want.


Saving pictures from a Web page

You can save the entire Web page or any part of it: text, graphics, or links. 

To do this

Try this

Save a page or picture without opening it. Right-click the link for the item you want, and then click Save Target As.
Copy information from a Web page into a document. Select the information you want to copy, click the Edit menu, and then click Copy.

Netscape Navigator Users

Printing a Page

To print the current page:

Click Print. 

On Windows, you can choose Print Preview from the File menu to see how the printed page will look. 

To set up the page layout for printing (optional):

1. From the File menu, choose Page Setup. 

2. Choose page layout options, including header and footer information. 

3. If portions of the map are not available please set all of the margins within the page setup to zero.  The browser will automatically size the margins to fit the map displayed.

Important: Navigator formats content according to the size of the printed page, not the size of the onscreen window. Text is word-wrapped and
graphics are repositioned to accommodate paper size.

To save an image from a page:

1.Right-click the image (on Mac OS, press and hold the mouse button) to display a pop-up menu. 

2.Choose Save Image As.

Printing in Color

Printing the 34" x 44" map as an 8 1/2" x 11" size:

Open one of the 34"X44" maps

Click File - Save As

Save to folder on your computer (note file name and location)

Then go to Start-Programs-Accessories-Imaging

Load the name of the file you just saved

You can use pan and zoom tools to navigate around map

To Print:

File - Print

On Image Options tab, change Print format to Fit to Page

Change orientation to Landscape, if necessary, on Basics tab




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