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1985-1991 Online Resources
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First, check to see if the Library has a compiled legislative history for your bill
using our Simple Search or Advanced Search.

1985-1991 Sessions – Legislative history documents

A legislative history includes the following documents: bill history page; bill reprints and amendments; minutes and exhibits from committee hearings; floor votes and bill actions as noted in the Assembly and Senate Journals. Only the bill history page and floor votes are available through the website for 1985-1991 legislation.

The bill history page tracks the bill chronologically through the legislative process and links to the Assembly and Senate floor votes.[1] To find the bill history page for a particular piece of legislation, use the appropriate bill history search:[2]

Choose the type of legislation -- Senate Bill, Assembly Concurrent Resolution, etc. -- and enter the bill number. Print this page or write down the committees and hearing dates.

1985-1991 committee minutes and exhibits, and 1985-1991 Assembly Journal and Senate Journal entries are not available electronically. Materials are available at the Research Library, or at selected Nevada libraries.[3]

For a detailed explanation of researching legislative history utilizing print materials and online resources, see the Legislative History Tutorial.

Additional information for accessing 1985-1991 documents

[1] Listed as "Senate Final Passage" and "Assembly Final Passage."

[2] Detailed directions to the Bill history pages: Start with our website: Choose "Session Information," then the appropriate session, then "Bill Histories." Type in the bill number as shown in the example above.

[3] Here is a chart showing which legislative committee minutes are available on microfiche.

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Last updated 2/20/2013


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