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1995 Online Resources
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First, check to see if the Library has a compiled legislative history for your bill
using our Simple Search or Advanced Search.

1995 Session – Legislative history documents

A legislative history includes the following documents: bill history page; bill reprints and amendments; minutes and exhibits from committee hearings; floor votes and bill actions as noted in the Assembly and Senate Journals. All materials, with the exception of the exhibits and Journal entries, are available through the website for 1995 legislation.

The bill history page tracks the bill chronologically through the legislative process and links to the Assembly and Senate floor votes.[1] To find the bill history page for a particular piece of legislation, use the bill history search.[2] Choose the type of legislation -- Senate Bill, Assembly Concurrent Resolution, etc. -- and enter the bill number. Print this page or write down the committees and hearing dates.

After identifying the committees and dates for the bill hearings, go to the 1995 Committee Minutes and select the appropriate committee and date.[3]

For bill reprints, go to the 68th session (1995) information page, choose the type of legislation, then scroll through the list to the appropriate bill. (EN denotes the "As Enrolled" or enacted version of the bill; R1, R2, etc., denotes the first reprint, second reprint, etc.)

Exhibits referred to in 1995 committee minutes, and 1995 Assembly Journal and Senate Journal entries are not available electronically. Request these items from the Research Library, 775-684-6827 or by email, or view them at selected Nevada libraries.[4] When requesting exhibits from the Research Library, cite house, committee, hearing date, bill number, and exhibit letter. Photocopy charges apply.

For a detailed explanation of researching legislative history utilizing print materials and online resources, see the Legislative History Tutorial.

Additional information for accessing 1995 documents

[1] Listed as "Senate Final Passage" and "Assembly Final Passage."

[2] Detailed directions to the Bill history page: Start with our website: Choose "Session Information," then "1995 Session," then "Bill Histories." Type in the bill number as shown in the example above.

[3] From the committee meeting document it is possible to go directly to the discussion on the bill or key word. Open the browser’s Edit/Find feature located on the toolbar, type the bill number or key word, and Enter. (Find is also accessed by using CTRL-F.)

[4] Here is a chart showing which legislative committee minutes are available on microfiche.

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Last updated 2/20/2013

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