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Status Abbreviations
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Abbreviations used in the Legislative History Database:

  * Measure from prior session
  ** Measure from two sessions prior
  A&DP Amend, and do pass as amended
  ASSY Assembly
  CA Constitutional Amendments
  CCOM  Concurrent Committee
  CH Chapter
  CL Commerce and Labor
  CMRC Commerce
  CMTE Committee
  CNF1 1st Conference Committee
  CNF2 2nd Conference Committee
  DNP Do not pass
  DP Do pass
  E&PR Environment and Public Resources
  ECDV Economic Development
  ECDVT Economic Development and Tourism
  ECO Ecology
  ED Education
  ELEC Elections
  EP Elections and Procedures
  EPE Elections, Procedures and Ethics
  FG  Fish and Game 
  FIN Finance
  FS&LG Federal, State and Local Governments
  GA Government Affairs
  GEN General File
  HHS Health and Human Services
  HR&F Human Resources and Facilities
  HW Health and Welfare
  HW&SI Health, Welfare and State Institutions
  IP Indefinitely postponed
  JUD Judiciary
  LA Legislative Affairs
  LF Legislative Functions
  LM Labor and Management
  LOE Legislative Operations and Elections
  NACT No action
  NFA No further action
  NFC No further consideration
  NH Not heard
  NR Natural Resources (Senate)
  NR Natural Resources, Agriculture and Mining (Assembly)
  PEND Pending
  RCND Rescind
  RD1 1st Reading
  RD2D 2nd Reading
  RD3D 3rd Reading
  RD3G Third Reading, on Desk
  RECO Reconsidered
  RR Re-refer
  SC&CA State, County, and City Affairs
  SECY’S DESK Secretary’s Desk
  SEN Senate
  SS Special Session
  SUB Subcommittee
  TAX Taxation
  TRAN Transportation
  WD Withdrawn
  WM Ways and Means
  W/O REC Without Recommendation

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Last updated 2/20/2013

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