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The Nevada Youth Legislature (NYL) is a two-year program that gives high school students an opportunity to learn the legislative process and take an active role in State government. This includes presenting one bill per term to the Nevada Legislature on an issue important to Nevada youth. Interested students may submit an application to the Senator in the Senatorial District in which they live or attend high school. Each of Nevada's 21 State Senators then appoints a Youth Legislator to represent his or her Senatorial District.

2017-2019 Meetings

Midterm Training Slideshow

NYL Special Day at the Legislature Slideshow

Who is your Youth Legislator?

To determine who your Youth Legislator is, you must know the name of your State Senator or the Senate District number.

If you know the name of your State Senator or Senate District, search the list of "2019-2021 Youth Legislators," if not, use Who's My Legislator/What's My District.

Apply to Participate

Youth Legislator Application 2019-2021

The application period will be open February 1, 2019, through March 31, 2019.


District Youth Advisory Council (DYAC) Application

2019 NYL Scholarship Application

Open to Current and Former Youth Legislators ONLY
The application period will be open February 1, 2019, through April 1, 2019.

Legislation & Reports

Creation and Revision of the Nevada Youth Legislature
Legislative Measures Presented by the NYL
Youth Legislator Legislative Measures Introduced by Senators
Annual Reports to the Governor



The Nevada Youth Legislature is recognized by nationally known award programs.

  • The Communicator Awards
    • Public Service/Pro Bono—Award of Excellence, 2009
    • Public Service/Pro Bono—Award of Distinction, 2014 and 2016
    • Public Relations/Communications—Award of Distinction, 2017 and 2018
  • Communitas Awards
    • Community Service—Extended Training Program—Award of Excellence, 2010
    • Community Service—Training Program—Award of Excellence, 2010 and 2015
    • Community Service—Summer Training Program—Award of Excellence, 2011, 2013, and 2017
    • Community Service—Fall Training Program—Award of Excellence, 2012, 2014, and 2016
  • Hermes Creative Awards
    • Pro Bono—Honorable Mention, 2009
    • Public Relations/Communications—Platinum Award, 2010
    • Extended Training Program—Gold Award, 2011
    • Pro Bono—2013 Summer Training—Gold Award, 2013
    • Pro Bono—2014 Fall Training—Platinum Award, 2015
    • Training Manual—2015 Training—Platinum Award, 2016
    • Pro Bono—2015 Training—Platinum Award, 2016
    • Other—Bill Draft Research and Writing—Fall Training—Platinum Award, 2017
    • Public Relations/Communications—Strategic Programs—Platinum Award, 2018
    • Pro Bono—Platinum Award, 2018
  • MarCom Awards
    • Orientation Program—Pro Bono—Gold Award, 2008
    • Extended Training Program—Platinum Award, 2009 and 2010
    • Summer Training Program—Pro Bono—Gold Award, 2011 and 2013
    • Fall Training Program—Pro Bono—Platinum Award, 2012 and 2014
    • Fall Training—Pro Bono—Gold Award, 2017
    • Fall Training—Print Media/Print Creativity—Gold Award, 2017
  • National Federation of Press Women
    • Public Service—Third Place Award, 2009
    • Public Service—Second Place Award, 2012
  • Nevada Press Women
    • Public Service—First Place Award, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013


Mailing Address: Nevada Youth Legislature
Research Division, Legislative Counsel Bureau
401 South Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4747
Phone: (775) 684-6740
Fax: (775) 684-6400
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