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2008 Ballot Questions Authorized by the 2007 Legislature

The three ballot questions below were authorized by the Nevada Legislature for placement on the November 4, 2008, general election ballot.

Assembly Joint Resolution No. 10 of the 73rd Session proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to provide that a person must be a resident of the State for 30 days before an election to be eligible to vote in that election.

Assembly Joint Resolution No. 16 of the 73rd Session proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to provide requirements for the enactment of property and sales tax exemptions.

Senate Bill No. 502 of the 74th Session provides for the submission to the voters of the question whether the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 should be amended to repeal a tax exemption for the sale of aircraft and major components of aircraft to an airline based in Nevada and to authorize the Legislature to amend or repeal a provision of that Act without additional voter approval when necessary to carry out a federal law or interstate agreement for the administration of sales and use taxes.

Note: All amendments to the Nevada Constitution which are proposed by the Nevada Legislature must be approved in identical form in two successive sessions of the Legislature and then approved by the voters at the next general election.

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Last updated 7/17/2008

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