Text Box: AL		ALEKS
AR		Accelerated Reader
BC		Brainchild
BR		Bridges
BTL		Breakthrough to Literacy
CELL		California Early and Extended Literacy Learning 
CL		Compass Learning
CW		ClassWorks
DI		Direct Instruction
DM		Destination Math
EAR		Earobics
ELS		Essential Learning System
EM		Everyday Mathematics
FF		Fast ForWord
FOSS		Full Option Science System
IE		Into English
IM		Image-Making Within the Writing Process
LF		Leap Frog
LL		Lexia Learning Systems
MOOG	Moogie Math
MR		Math Renaissance
MW		MathWings
NN		NovaNET (NCS Learn)
ORCH	Orchard
R180		Read 180
RC		Reading Counts
RN		Read Now
RR		Reading Recovery
RRI		Read Right
RXL		Read XL
SFA		Success for All
SM		Saxon Math
SP		Saxon Phonics
ST		Science and Technology
SS		Soar to Success
SSRW		Sing Spell Read & Write
SUC M	SuccessMaker
TM		Thinking Maps
VPAS		Voyager Passport
VULS		Voyager Universal Literacy System
WER		Waterford Early Reading
WW		Wiggleworks
WRS		Wilson Reading