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From Chapter III of the 2013 Legislative Manual:

After a bill has passed both houses in identical form, it is transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate or the Chief Clerk of the Assembly (depending upon the house in which the bill originated) to the Legislative Counsel to be enrolled. The Legislative Counsel then prepares the passed bill for the final printing. It is inserted in a white cover, which contains blanks for the signatures of the President and Secretary of the Senate, the Speaker and Chief Clerk of the Assembly, the Governor, and the Secretary of State. After final printing, the bill is returned to the Legislative Counsel, who compares the enrolled copy with the engrossed copy. If the enrolled bill is found to be correct, the Legislative Counsel presents the measure to the proper legislative officials for their signatures. The bill is then delivered by the Legislative Counsel, or that person's designee, to the Governor for consideration. Once the Governor signs the bill, it is delivered to the Secretary of State for permanent filing.


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Last updated 1/29/2013

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