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Legislative Officers: Assembly

From Chapter III of the 2013 Legislative Manual:

The presiding officer of the Nevada Assembly is the Speaker. Unlike the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the Assembly is elected from among the membership of the Assembly. The 2011 Assembly Standing Rules provide that the Speaker shall, among other things: (1) preserve order and decorum and have general direction of the chamber; (2) decide all questions of order, subject to each member's right to appeal; (3) have the right to assign the duties of the Chair to any member for up to one legislative day; (4) have the power to accredit the persons who act as representatives of the news media and assign their seats; (5) sign all bills and resolutions passed by the Legislature and all subpoenas issued by the Assembly or any committee thereof; and (6) vote on final passage of a bill or resolution. The Speaker is not required to vote in ordinary legislative proceedings except when such a vote would be decisive. In all yea and nay votes, the Speaker's name is required to be called last. The Speaker is third in the line of succession to the governorship, behind the Lieutenant Governor and President Pro Tempore of the Senate. The tenures of the President Pro Tempore and the Speaker continue beyond the end of the session and until their successors are designated after the general election.

It has been customary for the Assembly to elect a Speaker Pro Tempore to preside in the temporary absence of the Speaker. This officer's duties are comparable to those of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, exclusive of the right of succession to the governorship. Assembly Standing Rule No. 1 requires that if a permanent vacancy occurs in the office of Speaker, the Assembly shall select a new Speaker.

The Chief Clerk is elected by the members of the Assembly to serve as Administrative Officer, Parliamentarian, and ex officio member of the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections. Responsible to the Speaker, the Chief Clerk coordinates the daily activities of floor sessions, reads official communications to the body, calls roll, tabulates votes, edits the Journals and Histories of the Assembly, records all floor actions, oversees the processing of bills and resolutions, and signs all acts passed by the Legislature. The Chief Clerk recruits, selects, trains, and supervises all attach├ęs employed to assist with the work of the Assembly. At the end of each working day, unless otherwise ordered by the Assembly, the Chief Clerk traditionally transmits to the Senate those bills and resolutions upon which the next action is to be taken by that body.

The Sergeant at Arms of the Assembly is responsible for keeping order in and around the chamber, ensuring that only authorized persons are permitted on the floor, taking into custody any person who interferes with the legislative process, and handling other duties as directed by the Speaker and Chief Clerk. The Sergeant at Arms is also responsible to maintain the Assembly chamber, private caucus room, and kitchen. The Assistant Sergeants at Arms act as the Assembly doorkeeper, preserve order in and around the Assembly chamber, and provide other assistance to the Sergeant at Arms.

The law permits the Senate and Assembly to invite ministers of the different religious denominations to officiate alternately as chaplains of the respective houses. By custom, the chaplains are usually selected from the local clergy association. Occasionally, however, ministers from other locations, Assembly staff, or legislators themselves serve as chaplains.


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Last updated 1/28/2013

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