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Second Reading

From Chapter III of the 2013 Legislative Manual:

Committees cannot amend bills; they can only suggest amendments for adoption by their respective houses. In fact, the rules of both chambers specify that a bill cannot be amended until read twice. Assembly rules require that bills be read the second time on the first legislative day after reported from committee unless a different day is designated by motion. If the committee recommends amendment or individual legislators propose amendments, the amendments must be made available electronically to all members prior to actual adoption or rejection of the amendments proposed. Although the Senate rules are silent on this point, the practice has generally been the same.

On second reading, the Secretary or Chief Clerk reads the title of the bill, the enacting clause, the various sections by number only, and the amendments by number and proposer only. In past sessions in the Senate, the Secretary would begin reading the amendment and then a Senator would move to dispense with reading of the amendment. Committee amendments or amendments from individual legislators are then adopted or rejected by simple majority vote of the members present and voting. Voting on amendments is normally by voice vote, although other methods, including roll calls, may be employed on demand of three members present or in order to determine the prevailing side. If a bill is amended on second reading, the presiding officer orders the bill reprinted, engrossed, and placed on the general file for third reading and final action.


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Last updated 1/29/2013

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