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Committee of the Whole

From Chapter III of the 2013 Legislative Manual:

In addition to standing committees, which continue in existence throughout a session, there are three other types of committees used by the Legislature in Nevada—committees of the whole, conference committees, and select committees. A committee of the whole is a committee composed of the entire membership of one of the houses. It is usually convened so that the entire house can consider, analyze, and hear testimony on proposed legislation. When the Senate forms itself into a committee of the whole, the Senator who has moved to form a committee of the whole or the Majority Leader names a Chair to preside over the committee. In the Assembly, the Speaker or his or her designee presides over the committee. A committee of the whole is a temporary, or "ad hoc," committee. At the conclusion of its deliberations, the committee of the whole (through its Chair) normally reports its recommendations back to the house for formal action, in the same manner as standing or select committees.


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Last updated 1/29/2013

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