2011-2012 Interim
Allocation of Money Distributed from the Local Government Tax Distribution Account (A.B. 71)

Pursuant to A.B. 71 (2011), the Legislative Commission appointed this subcommittee to conduct an interim study of the Local Government Tax Distribution Account to determine whether formulas used to allocate money from the account result in an equitable allocation to all governmental entities, including any local library districts that do not currently receive such an allocation, and, if not, to consider possible alternative methodologies to achieve a more equitable allocation.

Agendas and Minutes

Draft of Proposed BDR for CTX Subcommittee

Interim Study Report


February 1, 2012 Meeting

March 15, 2012 Meeting

April 30, 2012 Meeting

June 18, 2012 Meeting

July 26, 2012 Meeting

August 30, 2012 Meeting

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