2013-2014 Interim
Legislative Committee on Health Care (NRS 439B.200)

The primary responsibilities of the Legislative Committee on Health Care (LCHC) are set forth in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 439B.220 through 439B.240. These responsibilities include reviewing and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of programs for the prevention of illness, reviewing and comparing the costs of medical care among communities in Nevada with similar communities in other states, and analyzing the overall system of medical care in the State. The LCHC also may review health insurance issues, and may examine hospital-related issues, medical malpractice issues, and the health education system. Additionally, pursuant to NRS 439B.225, the LCHC is responsible for reviewing certain health care regulations.

Agendas and Minutes

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Summary of Recommendations

Work Session Document (June 2, 2014)

Interim Study Report

Work Session Document (August 26, 2014)