2013-2014 Interim
Legislative Committee on Public Lands (NRS 218E.510)

The Legislative Committee on Public Lands is an ongoing statutory committee of the Nevada Legislature whose duties are set forth in Nevada Revised Statutes 218E.500 through 218E.535. The Committee holds meetings throughout Nevada during the interim period between sessions of the Legislature. Its purpose is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to land owned or controlled by the federal government (public lands); which in Nevada accounts for 87 percent of the State. The Committee monitors and makes recommendations for legislation on a wide range of issues, such as environmental quality, federal land management policies, grazing, military bases, mining, recreation, water, wilderness, wildfires, and wild horses.

Agendas and Minutes

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August 1, 2014 Meeting

August 28, 2014 Meeting

Work Session Document - With Exhibits

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Summary of Recommendations

Interim Study Report