[Rev. 5/1/2022 6:45:26 PM--2021]


NRS 102.010 Short title.

NRS 102.020 Interparty transactions validated.

NRS 102.030 Merger of obligation and right in contract.

NRS 102.040 Fraudulent transactions.

NRS 102.050 Chapter not retroactive.

NRS 102.060 Uniformity of interpretation.



NRS 102.010  Short title.  This chapter may be cited as the Uniform Interparty Agreement Act.

[6:36:1927; NCL 3665]

NRS 102.020  Interparty transactions validated.  A conveyance, release, or sale may be made to or by two or more persons acting jointly and one or more, but less than all, of these persons acting either by himself, herself or themselves or with other persons; and a contract may be made between such parties.

[1:36:1927; NCL 3660]

NRS 102.030  Merger of obligation and right in contract.  No contract shall be discharged because after its formation the obligation and the right thereunder become vested in the same person, acting in different capacities as to the right and the obligation.

[2:36:1927; NCL 3661]

NRS 102.040  Fraudulent transactions.  Nothing herein shall validate a transaction within its provisions which is actually or constructively fraudulent.

[3:36:1927; NCL 3662]

NRS 102.050  Chapter not retroactive.  This chapter shall not apply to conveyances, releases, sales, or contracts made prior to July 1, 1927.

[4:36:1927; NCL 3663]

NRS 102.060  Uniformity of interpretation.  This chapter shall be so interpreted and construed as to effectuate its general purpose to make uniform the law of those states which enact it.

[5:36:1927; NCL 3664]