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NRS 224.010 Qualifications of Lieutenant Governor.

NRS 224.020 Election; term of office.

NRS 224.030 Oath.

NRS 224.040 Residence.

NRS 224.050 Salary; allowances; expenses.

NRS 224.060 Resignation.



NRS 224.010  Qualifications of Lieutenant Governor.  No person shall be eligible to the Office of Lieutenant Governor unless the person:

1.  Has attained the age of 25 years at the time of such election; and

2.  Is a qualified elector and has been a citizen resident of this State for 2 years next preceding the election.

[Part 2:108:1866; A 1953, 711; 1955, 459]

NRS 224.020  Election; term of office.

1.  The Lieutenant Governor shall be elected by the qualified electors of the State.

2.  The Lieutenant Governor shall be chosen at the general election of 1866, and every 4th year thereafter, and shall hold office for the term of 4 years from the time of his or her installment and until his or her successor shall be qualified.

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NRS 224.030  Oath.  The Lieutenant Governor shall take and subscribe to the official oath before the Chief Justice or one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court on the 1st Monday of January next succeeding his or her election.

[Part 25:108:1866; A 1881, 22; BH 1660; C 1806; RL 2789; NCL 4789]

NRS 224.040  Residence.  The Lieutenant Governor shall not be required to reside at the seat of state government.

[1:32:1895; C 2095; RL 4249; NCL 7407]

NRS 224.050  Salary; allowances; expenses.

1.  Until the first Monday in January 2007, the Lieutenant Governor is entitled to receive an annual salary of $50,000. From the first Monday in January 2007, until the first Monday in January 2011, the Lieutenant Governor is entitled to receive an annual salary of $60,000.

2.  On the first Monday in January 2011 and on the first Monday of every fourth year thereafter, the salary of the Lieutenant Governor must be increased by an amount equal to the cumulative percentage increase in the salaries of the classified employees of this State during the immediately preceding term of the Lieutenant Governor.

3.  In addition to the annual salary provided for in subsections 1 and 2, the Lieutenant Governor is entitled to receive the compensation provided for a majority of the members of the Legislature during the first 60 days of the session and the per diem allowance and travel expenses authorized for the members of the Legislature.

4.  In addition to the salary provided in subsections 1, 2 and 3, the Lieutenant Governor is entitled to receive $130 for each day on which he or she is actually employed as Governor and the per diem allowance and travel expenses as provided for state officers and employees generally when acting as Governor, or when discharging other official duties as Lieutenant Governor, at times when the Legislature is not in session.

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NRS 224.060  Resignation.  The Lieutenant Governor shall transmit his or her resignation to the Legislature, if in session, and if not in session shall then transmit it to the Secretary of State.

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