[Rev. 6/29/2024 2:50:53 PM--2023]


NRS 56.020             Determination of parentage or identity.



      NRS 56.020  Determination of parentage or identity.

      1.  Whenever it is relevant in a civil or criminal action to determine the parentage or identity of any person or corpse, the court, by order, may direct any party to the action and the person involved in the controversy to submit to one or more tests to obtain a biological specimen to determine the genetic markers of the specimen, to be made by qualified persons, under such restrictions and directions as the court deems proper.

      2.  Whenever a test is ordered and made, the results of the test may be received in evidence. The order for the tests also may direct that the testimony of the experts and of the persons so examined may be taken by deposition. The opinion of any expert concerning results of genetic tests may be weighted in accordance with evidence, if available, of the statistical probability of the alleged genetic relationship. The court shall determine how and by whom the costs of the examination must be paid.

      [2:159:1951]—(NRS A 1979, 1279; 1989, 377; 2001, 3037)