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Press Accreditation

NEVADA LEGISLATURE PRESS ACCREDITATION REQUEST PROCEDURE: Persons wishing to use press space within the Assembly and Senate Chambers and access press resources provided by the Legislative Counsel Bureau must be accredited by both houses of the Nevada Legislature and must obtain a press badge issued by the Legislative Counsel Bureau. The accreditation of news staff is handled separately by each house in that during a floor session a motion to accredit news media representative(s) is made and voted upon by the members. NOTE: Press may be restricted from entering certain areas if they are not wearing their badges.

REQUEST FOR ACCREDITATION: You must complete the on-line form (please follow the link below) in order to be accredited and get a badge.

Once you have completed the on-line form, you may go to the Legislative Police (Room 1144) to have your picture taken. You must present a picture I.D and proof of who you represent after which you will have your picture taken for the badge and may pick up your badge in approximately an hour. The hours for badge photos are 8-11:00 a.m. and 1-4:00 p.m. (Legislative Police contact number is 775-684-6812.) You will be issued a badge on a temporary basis and are not considered accredited until your name has been sent to each House and read into the record, generally within two days of submission. If proper identification is not presented, Barry Smith, Nevada Press Association or Bob Fisher, Nevada Broadcasters Association, will be contacted and will make the decision for the accreditation process and if approved, your name will be sent to each House and read into the record. If you are not approved you will be notified and must return your press badge.

Requests received and approved prior to the first day of the legislative session will be submitted to each house for action on the first day. Requests received after session has commenced will be submitted for action as soon as possible after receipt and approval. .

VERIFICATION OF ACCREDITATION: The names of persons accredited are published in each house's Journal for the day the motion was made.

For further information, please call Sylvia Wiese, 684-6775.