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69th (1997) Session
Senate Bills

SB70_6854-83720-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions governing occupational licensing boards. (BDR 54-837)
Prohibits eliciting of certain information from pupils without parental consent and requires that certain information be provided to parents. (BDR 34-1044)
Revises provisions governing cost allocations for state agencies. (BDR 31-1985)
Makes appropriation to legislative fund. (BDR S-839)
Requires identification of users of paging devices. (BDR 58-134)
SB3S-21220-Jan-97Natural Resources
Requires Board of Directors of Department of Transportation to use certain money received by Department for North Shore Beautification and Water Quality Project. (BDR S-212)
Requires parolees to submit to periodic tests for controlled substances as condition of parole. (BDR 16-111)
Requires certification before offenders convicted of certain crimes may be released on probation or parole and makes appropriations to carry out provisions of this act. (BDR 15-288)
Revises provisions governing notification of victims of and witnesses to offenses and requires certain information to be provided to victims of and witnesses to sexual or violent offenses. (BDR 14-291)
Requires lifetime supervision of certain mentally ill offenders. (BDR 14-292)
Requires certification by panel before offender who pleaded guilty but mentally ill may be released on parole. (BDR 16-287)
SB943-21520-Jan-97Natural Resources
Provides for issuance of special license plates for support of preservation and restoration of natural environment of Lake Tahoe Basin. (BDR 43-215)
Revises provisions governing election of candidate to partisan office. (BDR 24-842)
Prohibits return of processed carcass of certain animals other than carcass that was delivered for processing. (BDR 51-122)
Makes various changes to division of parole and probation of department of motor vehicles and public safety. (BDR 16-183)
Provides that person who transmits certain items of electronic mail is liable to recipient for civil damages under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-723)
Eliminates limitation on terms of service of members of state board of parole commissioners. (BDR 16-182)
Makes various changes to provisions concerning parolees and probationers. (BDR 16-181)
Allows district court access to certain records of juvenile court. (BDR 5-184)
Makes various changes relating to state board of parole commissioners. (BDR 16-180)
Makes changes concerning recovery from Nevada insurance guaranty association. (BDR 57-138)
Increases penalties for placing graffiti on or otherwise defacing property. (BDR 15-188)
Revises certain fees charged for reinstatement of registration of motor vehicle. (BDR 43-777)
Makes appropriation to State Public Works Board for remediation of indoor air quality problem at Southern Nevada Science Center. (BDR S-1022)
Makes various changes related to services and benefits for veterans in this state. (BDR 37-186)
Makes appropriation for portrait of Governor. (BDR S-978)
SB2422-21023-Jan-97Natural Resources
Revises composition and duties of Tahoe Transportation District. (BDR 22-210)
SB2526-96023-Jan-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions relating to certain plans of state land use planning agency and master plans of cities and counties. (BDR 26-960)
SB26S-96123-Jan-97Natural Resources
Requires division of state lands of state department of conservation and natural resources to establish pilot program for management of resource area located in county selected by division and established by Bureau of Land Management. (BDR S-961)
SB2750-95923-Jan-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions relating to estrays. (BDR 50-959)
SB2827-79523-Jan-97Government Affairs
Exempts certain purchases by local governments from General Services Administration or another governmental agency from requirements for competitive bidding. (BDR 27-795)
Revises provisions governing delinquent fines, administrative assessments, fees and restitution. (BDR 14-69)
SB3017-73623-Jan-97Legislative Affairs and Operations
Increases amount of official stationery and business cards that legislators are entitled to receive at expense of legislative fund. (BDR 17-736)
Increases penalty for petit larceny in certain circumstances. (BDR 15-946)
Makes appropriation to Retired Senior Volunteer Program to expand Home Companion Program. (BDR S-387)
Makes various changes to provisions relating to possession and use of tobacco products by minors and advertising of tobacco products near schools. (BDR 5-388)
Revises provisions governing organization of public safety portion of department of motor vehicles and public safety. (BDR 43-466)
Provides for compensation of members of economic forum. (BDR 31-221)
Requires public employees' retirement system to study feasibility of funding plan for certain judicial pensions on actuarial reserve basis and transfers responsibility for administration of plan to public employees' retirement board. (BDR S-343)
Authorizes certain school districts to permit use of school buses to transport persons other than pupils. (BDR 32-71)
Amends charter of City of Las Vegas to authorize increase or decrease in number of wards. (BDR S-146)
Authorizes creation of review board to advise governing body of political subdivision on issues concerning peace officers, school police officers, constables and deputies of constables. (BDR 23-773)
Requires determination of probable cause to be made within 48 hours after arrest of person without warrant. (BDR 14-155)
SB4124-54629-Jan-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing election of candidate to nonpartisan office. (BDR 24-546)
SB4218-53429-Jan-97Government Affairs
Authorizes state controller to provide by regulation for use of electronic symbols to substitute or supplement certain signatures.(BDR 31-534).
SB4331-53229-Jan-97Government Affairs
Requires state controller to pay salaries and reimbursement of expenses of certain state employees and officers by electronic transfer of money. (BDR 31-532)
SB44S-52629-Jan-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to charter of City of Reno concerning elective and appointive offices. (BDR S-526)
SB4519-7829-Jan-97Government Affairs
Authorizes local governments to contract with nonprofit organizations. (BDR 19-78)
SB4620-20229-Jan-97Government Affairs
Authorizes county to construct improvements on property of school district located within county. (BDR 20-202)
SB4721-35729-Jan-97Government Affairs
Limits ordinances for which incorporated city may impose civil liability to city instead of criminal sanction for certain violations. (BDR 21-357)
SB4829-47729-Jan-97Government Affairs
Deletes reference to micrographics in name of state printing division. (BDR 29-477)
SB4940-20429-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Authorizes supervising boards of county hospitals to contract for provision of treatment on periodic prepaid basis. (BDR 40-204)
SB5033-45529-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Makes various changes relating to department of museums, library and arts. (BDR 33-455)
SB5134-40029-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises definition of "accredited" for purposes of accreditation of postsecondary educational institutions. (BDR 34-400)
SB5238-54529-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Expands eligibility for coverage for long-term care under state plan for assistance to medically indigent. (BDR 38-545)
SB5338-57629-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Changes name of bureau of services to the blind. (BDR 38-576)
SB5434-40329-Jan-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises requirements for unaccredited postsecondary educational institutions to award degrees. (BDR 34-403)
SB5548-55929-Jan-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions governing development, contents and implementation of plan for use of water resources. (BDR 48-559)
SB5648-56029-Jan-97Natural Resources
Requires certain recommended changes in water policy submitted to legislature to be consistent, to greatest extent practicable, with state water plan and certain master plans of cities and counties. (BDR 48-560)
SB5723-62829-Jan-97Government Affairs
Invalidates certain liens filed or otherwise claimed against public officer or employee unless authorized by specific statute or court order. (BDR 23-628)
Revises provisions relating to unfair acts or practices of motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors or factory branches and their representatives. (BDR 43-158)
Prohibits certain selective groupings of motor vehicle dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, factory branches or their representatives to measure effectiveness or performance of individual dealers. (BDR 43-366)
Revises provisions governing organization of motor vehicles portion of department of motor vehicles and public safety. (BDR 43-467)
Authorizes department of motor vehicles and public safety to release certain information to public administrators and public guardians. (BDR 43-687)
Authorizes personnel of capitol police division of department of motor vehicles and public safety to remove abandoned vehicles from public property. (BDR 43-767)
Authorizes issuance of temporary driver's license without photograph of licensee under certain circumstances. (BDR 43-482)
Exempts certain combinations of vehicles from provisions governing maximum lengths and loads. (BDR 43-465)
Revises procedure for evaluation of person convicted of driving under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance to determine whether he is abuser of alcohol or other drugs. (BDR 43-341)
Deletes requirement of declaration of maintenance of insurance upon renewal of registration of motor vehicle. (BDR 43-468)
Revises provisions governing legislators’ retirement. (BDR 17-1008)
Increases fee charged to certain persons who draw or pass check or draft without sufficient cover. (BDR 15-742)
Increases amount of longevity payments to state employees. (BDR 23-739)
Makes appropriation to Legislative Counsel Bureau for reproduction of older Nevada Reports. (BDR S-763)
Makes appropriation to Budget Division of Department of Administration to reimburse Legal Division of Legislative Counsel Bureau for expenses involved in preparing bill drafts requested by state agencies. (BDR S-760)
Makes appropriation to legislative fund for additional equipment and software for information systems for Legislative Counsel Bureau. (BDR S-762)
Increases number of judges of second judicial district designated as judges of family court. (BDR 1-679)
Eliminates provisions allowing court to commit certain convicted persons to custody of department of prisons for evaluation. (BDR 14-585)
Revises provisions governing limitation on compensation for aid to certain victims of crime. (BDR 16-592)
Expands definition of "immune contractor" to include independent contractor providing medical services to indigent patients for county hospital. (BDR 3-205)
Makes various changes concerning exemption from service as grand or trial juror. (BDR 1-790)
Revises provisions governing rate of imprisonment in default of administrative assessment, fine or forfeiture. (BDR 14-677)
Revises provisions governing appeal of dismissal of juvenile probation officer in certain judicial districts. (BDR 5-676)
—Makes person liable for two times the actual damages incurred for abuse, neglect or exploitation of certain older persons or vulnerable persons. (BDR 3-613)
Makes various changes concerning notice to person whose indictment is being considered by grand jury. (BDR 14-662)
Revises provisions governing reporting of campaign contributions and expenses. (BDR 24-7)
SB8320-68130-Jan-97Government Affairs
Authorizes every board of county commissioners in this state to abolish office of constable and appoint sheriff ex officio constable. (BDR 20-681)
SB8424-67430-Jan-97Government Affairs
Amends provisions governing hours that certain ex officio registrars must be open. (BDR 24-674)
SB8520-67830-Jan-97Government Affairs
Authorizes less office hours for branch offices of certain county officers. (BDR 20-678)
SB8610-44330-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions relating to mobile home parks and manufactured homes. (BDR 10-443)
SB8710-41830-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Requires landlord of mobile home park to notify manufactured housing division of department of business and industry of certain changes in personal information. (BDR 10-418)
SB8858-54830-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Authorizes certain law enforcement officers to issue subpoena during investigation to obtain certain information from public utility. (BDR 58-548)
SB8954-91630-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing equal enjoyment of places of public accommodation by members of both sexes. (BDR 54-916)
SB9052-41230-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Creates revolving account for consumer affairs division of department of business and industry for certain expenses related to undercover investigations. (BDR 52-412)
SB9154-57930-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises certain education and experience requirements for appraisers of real estate. (BDR 54-579)
SB9254-45230-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises requirements for continuing education of brokers, real estate broker-salesmen and real estate salesmen. (BDR 54-452)
SB9354-47830-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for registration of businesses that engage in or offer to engage in practice of professional engineering or land surveying. (BDR 54-478)
SB9453-63130-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Increases penalty for failing to comply with provisions relating to operation of employee leasing companies. (BDR 53-631)
SB9543-42130-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises procedures for reports of sale by dealers and rebuilders of manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches. (BDR 43-421)
SB9654-71930-Jan-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing examination of applicant for registration as architect. (BDR 54-719)
SB9724-51230-Jan-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to campaign contributions and expenses. (BDR 24-512)
Revises definition of "commissioner township." (BDR 11-673)
Requires that presentence investigation of certain sex offenders include psychosexual evaluation. (BDR 14-284)
Provides for involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent predators. (BDR 39-286)
Provides for treatment of certain recidivist sex offenders with chemical compounds. (BDR 39-285)
Requires certain school officials to be notified concerning juveniles who have committed certain sexual offenses and prohibits such juveniles from attending same school as victim under certain circumstances. (BDR 5-289)
Requires director of department of motor vehicles and public safety to establish program to compile and analyze data concerning sex offenders and juveniles who commit delinquent acts relating to sex. (BDR 14-290)
Makes appropriation to City of North Las Vegas for costs of relocating certain residents of Windsor Park. (BDR S-337)
SB10553-63003-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes relating to industrial insurance. (BDR 53-630)
SB10643-42003-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Revises grounds for disciplinary actions against licensees of manufactured housing division. (BDR 43-420)
SB10752-60903-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for regulation of solicitations for contributions to charitable organizations. (BDR 52-609)
SB10852-61003-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes governing deceptive trade practices and solicitations by telephone. (BDR 52-610)
SB10954-47903-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Revises requirements for registration as professional engineer or professional land surveyor or for certification as engineering intern or land-surveying intern. (BDR 54-479)
Authorizes advisory commission on sentencing to hire employees and makes appropriation to commission. (BDR 14-1034)
Revises provisions governing programs of regimental discipline. (BDR 14-1035)
SB11231-33203-Feb-97Government Affairs
Prohibits consideration of unobligated money of school district as revenue source in preparation of state budget. (BDR 31-332)
Revises provisions relating to offenders in custody or confinement and makes appropriations to carry out provisions of this act. (BDR 16-73)
SB11421-33905-Feb-97Government Affairs
Increases length of term of office of municipal judges under certain circumstances. (BDR 21-339)
SB11540-60005-Feb-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises provisions regarding allocation of certain money received by bureau of alcohol and drug abuse in rehabilitation division of department of employment, training and rehabilitation. (BDR 40-600)
Revises provisions governing reporting of campaign contributions and expenditures. (BDR 24-776)
Proposes to exempt from sales and use tax sale of medicines for domestic animals if prescribed or administered by licensed veterinarian. (BDR 32-175)
Makes various changes to provisions and penalties relating to certain crimes against property. (BDR 15-1038)
Makes appropriation to Department of Education for vocational student organizations. (BDR S-756)
SB120S-101206-Feb-97Natural Resources
Makes appropriation for study of potential impact on economic activities as result of designation of certain land in State of Nevada as wilderness area. (BDR S-1012)
SB1212-81606-Feb-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions governing environmental litigation. (BDR 2-816)
Prohibits person employed in position of authority by school, college or university from engaging in sexual conduct with certain pupils or students. (BDR 15-714)
Revises circumstances under which intangible interest or money held or owing by business association is presumed abandoned. (BDR 10-1235)
Revises provisions governing issuance of commercial drivers’ licenses. (BDR 43-603)
SB12553-12710-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
—Makes various changes regarding certain direct sellers of goods and services. (BDR 53-127)
SB12640-10510-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing certain examinations and analyses conducted by state hygienic laboratory. (BDR 40-105)
SB12745-11912-Feb-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions governing membership of board of wildlife commissioners. (BDR 45-119)
Revises provisions governing permits to carry concealed firearms. (BDR 15-799)
Requires motorists to exercise due care to avoid collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists. (BDR 43-1126)
Proposes to exempt from taxes on retail sales tangible personal property purchased at temporary stall or stand at public gathering held for purpose of buying and selling new and used tangible personal property. (BDR 32-796)
Makes various changes to offenses and penalties related to controlled substances. (BDR 15-311)
Makes various changes concerning writs of habeas corpus. (BDR 3-618)
Makes various changes concerning crimes and punishments. (BDR 15-40)
Revises provisions governing sentencing of persons convicted of driving under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance when death or substantial bodily harm results. (BDR 16-1033)
Makes appropriations to Eighth Judicial District Court and Second Judicial District for programs for treatment of abuse of alcohol or drugs. (BDR S-199)
SB136S-49918-Feb-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to charter of City of Sparks. (BDR S-499)
Revises penalty for exceeding posted speed limit in certain circumstances. (BDR 43-79)
Proposes to exempt from taxes on retail sales medical instruments and equipment required to treat diabetes. (BDR 32-64)
Makes appropriation to City of Elko for relocation and restoration of Valentine Walther Stage Coach Stop. (BDR S-757)
Enacts provisions governing reporting to state registrar of vital statistics of marital status of mother at time of giving birth. (BDR 40-731)
Revises provisions governing regulation of banks by Nevada gaming commission. (BDR 41-1391)
SB14240-68618-Feb-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises provisions governing disposition of cremated remains of certain dead bodies. (BDR 40-686)
SB143S-24719-Feb-97Human Resources and Facilities
Creates commission for educational technology. (BDR S-247)
SB14434-24319-Feb-97Human Resources and Facilities
Requires school districts to prescribe rules for school-based decision making and to conduct evaluation of statutes relating to education. (BDR 34-243)
Revises provisions governing registration of convicted persons. (BDR 15-878)
Includes property held in trust for Indian tribes in determining basic ad valorem revenue for distribution of supplemental city-county relief tax. (BDR 32-318)
SB14723-41320-Feb-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing mediation of collective bargaining disputes between local government employer and employee organization. (BDR 23-413)
SB14818-59120-Feb-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to subpoenas issued by department of human resources and department of education and revises provisions governing dissemination of certain information by department of human resources. (BDR 18-591)
Enacts Uniform TOD Security Registration Act. (BDR 10-163)
Expands circumstances under which person is exempt from requirement to obtain contractor's license. (BDR 54-391)
Revises procedure of purchasing division of department of administration for advertising bids. (BDR 27-161)
SB15253-9624-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions related to unemployment compensation. (BDR 53-96)
SB15352-57424-Feb-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes relating to trade-marks and similar designations. (BDR 52-574)
Increases fee allowed for appointed attorneys and compensation allowed for certain other persons in cases involving death penalty and repeals limitation on time in which opinion must be rendered by supreme court pursuant to appeal from judgment of death. (BDR 1-838)
Establishes program to assist victims of domestic violence in establishing and maintaining confidential residential addresses. (BDR 16-924)
Makes various changes concerning stepparents and stepchildren. (BDR 11-1130)
Requires board of wildlife commissioners to adopt regulations which ensure that elderly applicants for certain game tags receive chance twice as great as other applicants for drawing tag. (BDR 45-70)
Requires accessible toilet facility in area leased by public body. (BDR 40-295)
SB15934-33027-Feb-97Human Resources and Facilities
Removes requirement that superintendent of school district waive second year of probationary period for certain probationary employees. (BDR 34-330)
SB16020-6727-Feb-97Government Affairs
Prohibits local governments from adopting ordinances limiting rental rates for private residential property. (BDR 20-67)
Makes appropriation for construction of building at China Spring Youth Camp. (BDR S-798)
Provides for issuance of commemorative wildlife badges. (BDR 45-27)
Makes appropriations for purchase of equipment for operation of solid waste transfer stations in City of Caliente and Lincoln County. (BDR S-1062)
SB16431-53103-Mar-97Government Affairs
Changes designation of certain funds from "trust fund" to "special revenue fund." (BDR 31-531)
SB16543-36105-Mar-97Natural Resources
Regulates use of belly boats and float tubes. (BDR 43-361)
SB16653-107405-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing limitation on fees charged by employment agencies. (BDR 53-1074)
SB16752-61105-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions governing trade practices. (BDR 52-611)
Requires public schools to comply with certain provisions of federal law governing release of information concerning pupils and elicitation of information from pupils. (BDR 34-50)
Provides for independent study by full-time pupils in high schools. (BDR 34-1129)
Makes appropriation to Department of Museums, Library and Arts for automation of department. (BDR S-1414)
Makes appropriation and revises reversion for previously appropriated money to restore balance in contingency fund. (BDR S-1398)
Makes appropriation to restore balance in reserve for statutory contingency account. (BDR S-1397)
Makes appropriation to restore balance of stale claims account. (BDR S-1396)
Makes appropriation to Governor's Mansion for repair or replacement of furniture and equipment. (BDR S-1409)
Makes appropriation to restore balance in emergency account. (BDR S-1395)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Department of Human Resources for additional costs of care of patients in Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services Program and at Nevada Mental Health Institute. (BDR S-1402)
Makes appropriation from state highway fund to Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety for conversion of VHF portable radios of Nevada Highway Patrol from low band to high band. (BDR S-1439)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Division of Child and Family Services of Department of Human Resources for cost of transporting youth in custody of this state. (BDR S-1404)
Makes appropriation for 1998 Annual Meeting of National Conference of State Legislatures in Las Vegas. (BDR S-1170)
Provides immunity to state and local governments from any civil action based on or action for breach of contract that is caused by computer that produces, calculates or generates incorrect date, regardless of cause of error. (BDR 3-1442)
Makes appropriation from state highway fund to Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety for computer hardware and software for new facility in Henderson. (BDR S-1438)
Makes appropriation to Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas for expansion of Early Childhood Exhibit and creation of Parent Resource Center. (BDR S-1436)
Makes appropriation for costs of automation of Division of Parole and Probation of Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety. (BDR S-1431)
Makes appropriation to Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety for conversion of VHF portable radios from low band to high band. (BDR S-1428)
Makes appropriation to Department of Human Resources for remodeling of canteen for Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services. (BDR S-1421)
Makes appropriation to Office of Lieutenant Governor for office equipment. (BDR S-1410)
Makes appropriation to fund to stabilize the operation of the state government. (BDR S-1407)
Establishes emergency contingency fund to respond to natural or technological emergency or disaster. (BDR 36-797)
SB18917-75905-Mar-97Legislative Affairs and Operations
Makes changes to provisions regarding audits of state agencies that receive federal funds. (BDR 17-759)
Revises provisions governing orders for physical custody of minor child during proceeding for divorce, separate maintenance or annulment. (BDR 11-607)
Revises provisions governing transmittal of report of presentence investigation to department of prisons. (BDR 14-429)
SB19238-103006-Mar-97Human Resources and Facilities
Makes certain acts relating to mutilation of female genitalia unlawful. (BDR 38-1030)
Requires judge to list telephone number of his office in telephone directory. (BDR 1-793)
Makes various changes to provisions governing licensure of bail bondsmen. (BDR 57-734)
Provides that failure to protect child from abuse, negligent treatment or maltreatment by another that results in death is first degree murder. (BDR 15-1053)
Makes appropriation to legislative fund to establish interactive video broadcast system between Legislative Building in Carson City and Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas. (BDR S-1497)
Revises provisions governing fund for National College of Juvenile and Family Law and makes appropriations for National Judicial College and National College of Juvenile and Family Law. (BDR 1-832)
Exempts aviation fuel and leaded racing fuel from tax on motor vehicle fuel imposed by certain counties. (BDR 32-440)
Makes appropriation to Carson City Fire Department for enhancement of Northern Nevada Regional Fire Training Facility. (BDR S-1043)
Makes appropriation to Division of State Parks of State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for park improvement projects. (BDR S-1435)
Makes appropriations to Department of Administration for implementation of technology improvement plan for state government. (BDR S-1441)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Health Division of Department of Human Resources for Nevada State Laboratory. (BDR S-1403)
Revises provisions governing unauthorized practice of law. (BDR 1-307)
Makes appropriation for establishment of programs of treatment for abuse of alcohol or drugs in certain judicial districts. (BDR S-1032)
SB20538-38912-Mar-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises various provisions governing child abuse. (BDR 38-389)
Makes appropriation to Life Line Pregnancy Assistance and Vocational Training Center. (BDR S-1187)
Revises provisions governing authority of court to order counseling for child, his family and other persons living in same household as child. (BDR 5-1178)
Revises provisions governing gaming licenses. (BDR 41-192)
Provides for payment to licensed providers of hospice care for services for hospice care provided to medically indigent persons. (BDR 38-293)
Exempts certain contracts for public works in certain counties from payment of prevailing wage. (BDR 28-817)
SB21145-95813-Mar-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions concerning commission for preservation of wild horses. (BDR 45-958)
Makes various changes to provisions governing disclosures required upon sale of residential property. (BDR 10-552)
Increases monetary limit relating to small claims in justices' courts. (BDR 6-1342)
SB21423-61613-Mar-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to provisions regarding commission on ethics. (BDR 23-616)
SB21524-149913-Mar-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to elections. (BDR 24-1499)
Revises provisions governing amount of contribution and post-retirement increases for public employees' retirement system. (BDR 23-1450)
Makes appropriation to Department of Museums, Library and Arts for processing and indexing of archival records by Division of State Library and Archives. (BDR S-1415)
Creates disaster relief fund and emergency assistance account to respond to emergencies and disasters. (BDR 31-1472)
Revises provisions governing appeals officers appointed to conduct hearings in contested cases involving industrial insurance benefits for injuries or death. (BDR 53-1449)
SB22034-24613-Mar-97Human Resources and Facilities
Authorizes formation of charter schools. (BDR 34-246)
Provides for creation of programs to reduce incidence of commercial theft and fraud related to vehicles. (BDR 43-1447)
Makes appropriation for Northeastern Nevada Juvenile Center in Elko County. (BDR S-1504)
Revises provisions governing taxes on fuels. (BDR 32-502)
Makes appropriation to National Judicial College for establishment of Death Penalty Resource Center. (BDR S-1392)
SB22557-108519-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for reimbursement of insured under certain policies of health insurance for certain services provided by registered pharmacist. (BDR 57-1085)
Makes appropriation to Esmeralda County for restoration of historic Goldfield Parsonage. (BDR S-1355)
Revises provisions governing applicability of appropriation procedures for water to certain losses of water. (BDR 48-750)
Authorizes assistance for parent or relative who cares for severely mentally retarded person or child under age of 6 years with developmental delays. (BDR 39-1444)
Authorizes leases and installment contracts for purchase of certain equipment by agencies of executive department. (BDR S-1452)
Revises provisions governing deposit and use of certain examination fees received by real estate division of department of business and industry. (BDR 54-1448)
Revises provisions governing appointment of certain guardians. (BDR 13-396)
Clarifies administration of existing exemption from sales and use taxes for gross receipts from sale of tangible personal property to be shipped outside State of Nevada. (BDR 32-365)
Revises provisions governing certain abatements, exemptions and deferrals of taxes. (BDR 32-951)
Revises provisions relating to use of gifts of money or personal property donated to veterans' cemeteries. (BDR 37-1044)
Makes appropriation for establishment and maintenance of a branch office of Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety in Mineral County. (BDR S-195)
Authorizes person licensed as process server to serve writ of garnishment. (BDR 3-841)
Provides additional penalty for crimes committed with assistance from minor. (BDR 15-1082)
Provides for recovery by executor or administrator of estate of person insured under policy of life insurance of any loss arising out of unfair insurance practice. (BDR 3-1231)
Authorizes justice of the peace and municipal court judge to suspend sentence of person convicted of crime of domestic violence. (BDR 1-445)
Adopts revised articles 5 and 8 of Uniform Commercial Code. (BDR 8-921)
Requires department of education to evaluate performance of public schools. (BDR 34-1473)
SB24254-105627-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions governing pawnbrokers, junk dealers and secondhand dealers. (BDR 54-1056)
SB24353-17627-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Revises various provisions relating to employee leasing companies. (BDR 53-176)
SB24454-86827-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes concerning regulation of health care. (BDR 54-868)
SB24532-102427-Mar-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing compensation paid to state for cost of collecting certain taxes. (BDR 32-1024)
Eliminates prospective requirement for prepayment of insurance premium tax and revises dates on which annual reports are due and quarterly payments are payable. (BDR 57-740)
Makes various changes concerning provisions in rental agreements for facilities for storage. (BDR 9-1171)
SB24854-71527-Mar-97Commerce and Labor
Regulates business of property management and makes various other changes relating to real estate. (BDR 54-715)
Makes various changes to charter of Carson City. (BDR S-384)
Makes appropriation for expansion of building housing National Judicial College. (BDR S-1555)
SB25151-136602-Apr-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions relating to fuel standards for mobile sources of air contaminants. (BDR 40-1366)
Makes appropriation for Urban Hi-Tech Learning Center at Carson High School. (BDR S-1340)
SB25317-19302-Apr-97Government Affairs
Creates legislative committee to study distribution among local governments of revenue from state and local taxes. (BDR 17-193)
SB25432-31402-Apr-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to formulas for distribution of certain taxes. (BDR 32-314)
Provides for net metering for certain customers of electric utility who have installed renewable energy system. (BDR 58-1348)
Revises exemption from property tax provided for property used to produce electrical energy from solar energy. (BDR 32-33)
Revises provisions governing movement of vehicle that is unattended, disabled or involved in accident. (BDR 43-975)
Revises provisions governing sealing of criminal records. (BDR 14-879)
Allows parolee to petition court for modification of sentence under certain circumstances. (BDR 14-769)
Requires Department of Business and Industry to conduct study relating to sale of residential property. (BDR S-102)
Revises provisions relating to pupils who are habitually truant. (BDR 34-383)
SB26220-60203-Apr-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing vacancies in public offices. (BDR 20-602)
SB26323-53303-Apr-97Government Affairs
Authorizes state controller to establish program allowing state officers and employees to purchase computer software and hardware for personal use through state. (BDR 23-533)
Provides enhanced penalty for intimidation, assault or battery of person who operates vehicle as part of public mass transportation system. (BDR 15-319)
Makes various changes to crimes related to unauthorized use of telephone. (BDR 15-359)
Revises provisions governing highly hazardous substances. (BDR 40-942)
Revises provisions governing closure of certain financial institutions on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and applicability of certain laws to financial institutions. (BDR 55-702)
Provides for real estate broker’s lien. (BDR 9-397)
Authorizes imposition of impact fees for projects relating to emergency fire protection and emergency medical services. (BDR 22-1360)
Requires establishment of monitoring stations for transportation of high-level radioactive waste into this state. (BDR 40-1042)
Establishes trust fund for prepayment of tuition at institutions of higher education. (BDR 31-1488)
Makes appropriation to Nevada State Railroad Museum for purchase and installation of new motor for Washoe Zephyr Motorcar. (BDR S-1556)
Makes an appropriation to Department of Education for Phase II of Statewide Management of Automated Record Transfer System. (BDR S-1412)
Revises fee for promotion of amateur boxing contests or exhibitions. (BDR 41-1506)
Requires certain employers to determine feasibility of providing conveniently accessible child care for employees or reimbursing employees for costs of obtaining child care under certain circumstances. (BDR 53-1025)
Makes appropriation to State Board of Health for State Aids Task Force. (BDR S-395)
Authorizes juvenile court to require child to participate in recreational program. (BDR 5-1084)
Revises provisions governing unlawful disposal of garbage or sewage. (BDR 40-336)
SB27928-77408-Apr-97Government Affairs
Prohibits public body from requiring contractor or subcontractor to enter into certain agreements as condition of bidding on, being awarded or performing work under contract for public work. (BDR 28-774)
Revises provisions governing fee charged to disseminator of information concerning racing. (BDR 41-1507)
Makes changes to provisions relating to circumstances aggravating first degree murder. (BDR 15-1508)
Revises provisions governing grounds for granting trial de novo after arbitration. (BDR 3-1509)
Revises provisions that require assessment of costs for underground electric facilities against specially benefited lots. (BDR 58-706)
Makes various changes to procedure for custodial parent or parent having joint physical custody to move to new residence with child. (BDR 11-1510)
Revises provisions relating to certain records, fingerprints and photographs of certain juveniles. (BDR 5-863)
SB28653-16809-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Authorizes in skeleton form certain insurers to provide insurance for payment of accident benefits in connection with policy of group health insurance. (BDR 53-168)
SB28743-11609-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing release of personal information by department of motor vehicles and public safety. (BDR 43-116)
Provides for establishment and operation of additional regional facility for children in certain counties. (BDR S-1337)
Makes appropriation for grant program to increase ratio of school nurses to pupils. (BDR S-830)
SB29030-20614-Apr-97Government Affairs
Authorizes metropolitan police committee on fiscal affairs to issue medium-term obligations under certain circumstances. (BDR 30-206)
Makes various changes concerning railroad safety. (BDR 58-185)
Revises provisions governing elections. (BDR 24-118)
SB29350-145416-Apr-97Natural Resources
Requires appointment of person to manage activities of division of agriculture of department of business and industry pertaining to natural resources, land use planning and management and control of wild horses and estrays. (BDR 50-1454)
SB29434-40116-Apr-97Human Resources and Facilities
Adopts Uniform Management-of-Institutional-Funds Act and authorizes disclosure of financial records of postsecondary educational institution under certain circumstances. (BDR 13-401)
SB29534-37216-Apr-97Human Resources and Facilities
Authorizes appointment by governor of nominee of dean of College of Education to serve in place of dean on commission on professional standards in education. (BDR 34-372)
Makes various changes concerning shooting ranges. (BDR 3-1347)
Makes various changes concerning corporations and other business organizations. (BDR 7-926)
Prohibits horse tripping. (BDR 50-34)
Regulates employment of proprietary security officers. (BDR 54-360)
Makes appropriation to Southern Humanities Commission for additional position. (BDR S-1237)
Proposes to exempt from taxes on retail sales certain printed sales messages. (BDR 32-779)
Provides for acceptance of subsidies under Safe Drinking Water Act. (BDR 40-92)
Revises authority of taxicab authority to limit hours of service of taxicabs. (BDR 58-1375)
Revises provisions governing temporary increase in allocation of taxicabs. (BDR 58-1376)
Revises provision governing calculation of limitation upon revenue from taxes ad valorem for local governments. (BDR 31-60)
SB30654-113216-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for administrative review of disciplinary action against real estate licensee upon discovery of new evidence. (BDR 54-1132)
SB30754-124216-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions governing Oriental medicine. (BDR 54-1242)
Requires local government to specify permissible payees that debtor may name on check intended as payment to local government. (BDR 31-382)
Provides for establishment of program under administration of state librarian to provide grants of money to public libraries. (BDR 33-1131)
SB31050-38617-Apr-97Natural Resources
Requires sterilization of certain animals that are adopted from certain entities. (BDR 50-386)
SB31123-97717-Apr-97Government Affairs
Eliminates authority of department of transportation and University and Community College System of Nevada to execute certain contracts for services of independent contractors without approval of state board of examiners. (BDR 23-977)
SB31222-6117-Apr-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to provisions governing redevelopment. (BDR 22-61)
SB31334-40217-Apr-97Human Resources and Facilities
Makes various changes to provisions governing investigation of background of applicants for certain positions at postsecondary educational institutions. (BDR 34-402)
Revises provisions governing unit-owners' associations. (BDR 10-1380)
Makes appropriations for establishment and maintenance of a branch office of Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety in Mesquite. (BDR S-504)
Requires training and certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for certain teachers and other educational personnel. (BDR 34-503)
Revises provisions governing distribution of fees for county gaming licenses. (BDR 41-690)
Makes various changes to provisions governing gaming. (BDR 41-1079)
Makes various changes and appropriations concerning mental illnesses. (BDR 39-1288)
Revises provisions governing funeral directors, embalmers and operators of cemeteries and crematories. (BDR 54-944)
SB32122-67222-Apr-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing acquisition, vacation, abandonment or construction of certain real property by local governments. (BDR 22-672)
SB32222-67122-Apr-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes regarding development and subdivision of land. (BDR 22-671)
SB32325-158222-Apr-97Natural Resources
Authorizes board of trustees of general improvement district to provide for control and eradication of noxious weeds. (BDR 25-1582)
Revises certain provisions governing convicted persons. (BDR 14-833)
Revises certain provisions governing convicted persons and the criminal justice system. (BDR 14-76)
SB32643-97323-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes concerning manufactured housing. (BDR 43-973)
SB32737-105224-Apr-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes related to veterans. (BDR 37-1052)
Makes various changes concerning prisoners. (BDR 16-625)
Requires state plan for assistance to medically indigent to allow eligible person to choose whether or not to enroll in health care plan that provides services through health maintenance organization. (BDR 38-938)
Provides that community action agencies and their direct successors in interest are political subdivisions of this state for purposes of determining civil liability. (BDR 3-877)
Changes effective date of Assembly Bill No. 485 of this session. (BDR S-219)
Authorizes formation of public school specializing in science and technology at Stewart Indian School. (BDR S-1385)
Revises provisions governing payment of hospitals for treating disproportionate share of Medicaid patients, indigent patients or other low-income patients. (BDR 38-203)
Creates advisory council for prosecuting attorneys. (BDR 19-664)
Expands time within which certain bonds for highway construction must mature. (BDR 35-1505)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Division of Insurance of Department of Business and Industry for unanticipated additional operating costs. (BDR S-1603)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Mental Hygiene and Mental Retardation Division of Department of Human Resources for unanticipated increase in caseload at Facility for Mental Offender. (BDR S-1608)
Makes supplemental appropriation to Office of the Governor for additional travel and operating expenses. (BDR S-1606)
Revises provisions governing fees charged by short-term lessor of passenger car. (BDR 43-1524)
Provides uniform requirements for display of signs and licenses of certain businesses licensed by department of motor vehicles and public safety. (BDR 43-469)
Repeals provision granting immunity from civil liability for certain actions concerning program for verification of proof of financial responsibility for motor vehicles. (BDR 43-979)
SB34357-98930-Apr-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes concerning title insurance. (BDR 57-989)
Revises requirements for filing service of process with secretary of state. (BDR 2-516)
Revises provisions regulating providers of information services to gaming licensees. (BDR 41-487)
SB34619-51702-May-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes to provisions governing notaries public, commissioners of deeds and commissioned abstractors. (BDR 19-517)
SB34718-39802-May-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to office of lieutenant governor. (BDR 18-398)
SB34830-41102-May-97Government Affairs
Authorizes issuance of certain revenue bonds by director of department of business and industry for project of corporation for public benefit. (BDR 30-411)
SB349S-88902-May-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes concerning person who provides police services to Airport Authority of Washoe County. (BDR S-889)
SB35050-151502-May-97Natural Resources
Provides for certification of actual producer of agricultural product of soil and exempts producer from certain taxes and fees relating to certain sales of product. (BDR 50-1515)
SB35157-83102-May-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for sale of insurance in banks. (BDR 57-831)
Establishes program of community partnership schools. (BDR 34-1484)
Revises limitation on expenditure of proceeds of vehicle privilege tax for purchase by county of certain residential property adversely affected by construction of highway with limited access. (BDR 32-201)
Makes various changes relating to drivers’ licenses. (BDR 43-390)
Revises provisions governing issuance of drivers' licenses. (BDR 43-474)
Revises provisions relating to establishment of paternity and establishment and enforcement of obligations for support of children. (BDR 38-90)
Includes within crime of involuntary manslaughter violation of certain laws resulting in death of another person. (BDR 15-1125)
Makes various changes to provisions governing purchase, sale or other transfer of securities. (BDR 7-513)
Ratifies technical corrections made to NRS and Statutes of Nevada. (BDR S-765)
Makes appropriation for establishment of program for metal casting within University and Community College System of Nevada. (BDR S-770)
Establishes state disaster identification team. (BDR 36-1251)
SB362S-101406-May-97Natural Resources
Makes appropriation for study of issues relating to changing uses of rural land and water supplies. (BDR S-1014)
SB36328-63306-May-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to public works. (BDR 28-633)
Provides criteria for relief from inequitable assessment of property. (BDR 32-103)
Revises provisions governing assistance for property taxes provided to certain older persons. (BDR 32-101)
Revises provisions governing payment of fines for certain traffic violations before registration of motor vehicle is renewed. (BDR 43-523)
Prohibits use of substances and materials containing diisocyanates in school buildings under certain circumstances and requires schools to maintain and use certain information regarding hazardous chemicals. (BDR 34-1227)
SB36854-41707-May-97Commerce and Labor
Requires contractor to file bond or establish deposit under certain circumstances. (BDR 54-417)
SB36954-160207-May-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing fees charged by state contractors’ board. (BDR 54-1602)
SB37054-113307-May-97Commerce and Labor
Excludes certain persons from definition of real estate broker. (BDR 54-1133)
SB37153-80407-May-97Commerce and Labor
Provides for testing of employees and applicants for employment for drugs and alcohol. (BDR 53-804)
SB37253-11507-May-97Commerce and Labor
Authorizes administrators of jails and other local detention facilities to request participation in modified program of industrial insurance for prisoners. (BDR 53-115)
SB37352-27007-May-97Commerce and Labor
Requires prompt payment to contractors and suppliers. (BDR 52-270)
SB37432-105107-May-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions governing representation of Nevada tax commission in certain legal actions and proceedings. (BDR 32-1051)
SB37532-105007-May-97Commerce and Labor
Clarifies authority of Nevada tax commission and makes various other changes concerning taxation. (BDR 32-1050)
Increases fee for marriage license to support certain legal aid for indigent persons. (BDR 11-1649)
Makes changes to provisions governing certain crimes relating to stalking or domestic violence. (BDR 15-75)
Makes appropriation for Governor’s "Classroom on Wheels" program. (BDR S-1638)
Makes various changes governing education. (BDR 34-1514)
Makes supplemental appropriations to offset unanticipated shortfall in revenue from admissions at Nevada State Museum and Historical Society in Las Vegas and Nevada State Museum in Carson City. (BDR S-1639)
SB38158-70509-May-97Commerce and Labor
Revises provisions regarding sale of electricity by public utilities. (BDR 58-705)
SB38254-48109-May-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes to provisions governing regulation of practice of professional engineering and land surveying. (BDR 54-481)
SB383S-50609-May-97Government Affairs
Establishes Southern Nevada Strategic Planning Authority. (BDR S-506)
Extends date for prospective expiration of provisions that limit increase in charges that major hospitals may impose. (BDR S-1451)
Makes appropriation to University and Community College System of Nevada to employ health care program developer to study role of programs of system in meeting needs of State of Nevada relating to health care. (BDR S-897)
Makes appropriations for establishment of dental clinic and dental residency program and for remodeling of existing building to house program. (BDR S-861)
Revises provisions governing information concerning certain persons. (BDR 14-893)
SB388S-171413-May-97Commerce and Labor
Makes appropriation to Nevada Indian Commission for programs designed to meet certain special educational needs of American Indians. (BDR S-1714)
Expands prohibited campaign practices. (BDR 24-1349)
Makes various changes concerning programs of training of peace officers related to crimes against older persons. (BDR 43-615)
SB391S-123914-May-97Commerce and Labor
Makes appropriation to provide financial assistance to adoptive parents of children with special needs under certain circumstances. (BDR S-1239)
Restricts certain advertising and certain sexually related forms of entertainment in certain circumstances and makes changes regarding certain acts relating to prostitution. (BDR 15-312)
Revises provisions governing insurance fraud. (BDR 57-837)
Creates fraud control unit for insurance within office of attorney general. (BDR 18-950)
Directs legislative commission to conduct interim study of laws relating to definition of mentally ill person for purposes of evaluation and treatment. (BDR S-1184)
SB39628-41615-May-97Government Affairs
Provides civil penalty for failure of contractor engaged on public work to report workmen employed on public work to labor commissioner and public body awarding contract. (BDR 28-416)
Revises provisions governing liens upon lands entitled to receive water from irrigation districts. (BDR 48-1383)
SB39845-165315-May-97Natural Resources
Establishes additional standards for regulations and policies of board of wildlife commissioners. (BDR 45-1653)
Requires that medical assistance provided by county to indigent persons include dental care under certain circumstances. (BDR 38-1205)
Urges Congress to address problem of child labor. (BDR S-991)
Requires manufacturer to provide express warranty for device that enhances ability of person to perform major life activity. (BDR 52-321)
Makes various changes concerning criminal justice system. (BDR 14-710)
Provides for issuance of allodial title for certain property. (BDR 32-104)
SB40420-64719-May-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing areas or zones for preservation of habitat in larger counties. (BDR 20-647)
SB40527-47619-May-97Government Affairs
Revises provisions governing fund for insurance premiums. (BDR 27-476)
Makes various changes concerning procedure for requesting that offender be released to agency of criminal justice upon release from custody of department of prisons. (BDR 14-430)
Makes changes relating to securities exchanges. (BDR 7-515)
Revises exemptions from certain requirements for registration of securities and licensure of persons effecting purchases or sales of securities. (BDR 7-514)
Revises provisions governing eminent domain. (BDR 3-1734)
Revises provisions governing channel clearance, stabilization, restoration, surveying and monumenting program. (BDR 48-1179)
Revises provisions governing emergency admissions to mental health facilities. (BDR 39-864)
Revises provisions governing water conservancy districts. (BDR 48-1101)
SB41354-153721-May-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes concerning photocopying of health care records by professional photocopiers. (BDR 54-1537)
SB41448-68322-May-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions for water planning and remediation in certain counties. (BDR 48-683)
SB41518-78722-May-97Government Affairs
Requires attorney general to represent justice of the peace or municipal judge in certain actions and to conduct certain investigations. (BDR 18-787)
Makes appropriation to Department of Education for support of charter schools. (BDR S-1733)
Revises provisions governing fees for services and copies of records concerning vital statistics. (BDR 40-1759)
Transfers offices of Nevada commissioner for veteran affairs and Nevada deputy commissioner for veteran affairs to office of the military. (BDR 37-1640)
Requires establishment of program in certain counties for mediation in cases that involve determination of custody or visitation of child. (BDR 1-1350)
Increases penalty for killing wild horse. (BDR 45-1229)
Revises provisions governing determination of taxable value of certain property for purposes of property taxes. (BDR 32-1709)
Designates colors for reproduction or facsimile of state seal. (BDR 19-1746)
Exempts computers and related equipment donated for use in schools from property tax. (BDR 32-1616)
Provides protection for payers of certain local fees and taxes. (BDR 32-62)
Requires notice on legislative measure if two-thirds majority vote is required for passage. (BDR 17-99)
Makes various changes to provisions governing driving under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance. (BDR 43-947)
Creates division of health care financing and policy within department of human resources and requires legislative committee on health care to evaluate expanding access to health care in this state. (BDR 18-598)
Revises provisions regarding benefits for treatment of abuse of alcohol or drugs under policy of health insurance. (BDR 57-948)
SB42919-157528-May-97Legislative Affairs and Operations
Authorizes local governments to institute programs to increase participation of residents in development of public policy and improvement of government. (BDR 19-1575)
Makes various changes concerning vehicles. (BDR 43-1136)
SB43154-137729-May-97Commerce and Labor
Makes various changes concerning practice of public accounting. (BDR 54-1377)
Provides for therapeutic communities in prison and for programs of aftercare to treat certain offenders who are substance abusers. (BDR 16-1180)
Provides for establishment and administration of program to provide certain services to persons with physical disabilities. (BDR 38-379)
Makes various changes relating to tax on special fuel. (BDR 32-589)
Provides for limited licensure of persons who work with autistic children in program established by University and Community College System of Nevada. (BDR 54-1339)
Revises provisions governing exhibition and distribution to minors of material that is harmful to minors. (BDR 15-1086)
Revises provisions governing payment of certain fees and expenses for college for dependent children of certain peace officers and firemen killed in line of duty. (BDR 34-1389)
Makes various changes relating to elections. (BDR 24-848)
SB43918-169902-Jun-97Legislative Affairs and Operations
Increases salaries of certain constitutional officers. (BDR 18-1699)
SB44046-173204-Jun-97Natural Resources
Revises provisions governing program for pooling reclamation performance bonds. (BDR 46-1732)
Expands definition of "crime related to racketeering" to include certain crimes related to gaming. (BDR 15-880)
Requires state plan for assistance to medically indigent to allow eligible person to choose whether to enroll in health care plan that provides services through primary care case management. (BDR 38-939)
Revises provisions governing amount of liability insurance required of motor carriers. (BDR 58-1372)
Authorizes use of proceeds of certain taxes and fees for projects related to infrastructure. (BDR 32-1374)
Increases number of branch offices of county clerk that may be designated for issuance of marriage licenses in certain counties. (BDR 11-1382)
SB44724-51106-Jun-97Government Affairs
Clarifies application of Title 24 of NRS to city elections and requires city clerks to perform certain additional duties relating to city elections. (BDR 24-511)
Revises provisions governing medical laboratories. (BDR 54-876)
Revises provisions governing hearings to determine person most qualified and suitable to serve as guardian for proposed ward or to take custody of certain children. (BDR 13-970)
Reduces amount of business tax for business that provides for care of children of certain employees and providing employer immunity from civil liability for certain acts relating to child care. (BDR 32-703)
Revises provisions governing regulation of operators of tow cars. (BDR 58-940)
Revises provisions relating to taxation of special fuel. (BDR 32-1642)
Revises provisions governing distribution of supplemental city-county relief tax. (BDR 32-1490)
SB45448-165411-Jun-97Natural Resources
Limits inter-basin transfers of water. (BDR 48-1654)
Expands duties of county treasurer to include transmitting fiscal reports to each government entitled to portion of taxes received by treasurer. (BDR 32-692)
Revises provisions governing exemption from property taxes for certain property used for housing elderly or handicapped persons. (BDR 32-1644)
Provides for issuance of special license plates indicating status as hall of fame athlete. (BDR 43-1682)
Revises provisions governing contractors and liens. (BDR 54-501)
Transfers responsibility for maintaining state hygienic laboratory from department of human resources to University of Nevada School of Medicine and extends prospective reversion of previous appropriation for equipment for state hygienic laboratory. (BDR 40-1765)
Makes various changes concerning state financial administration. (BDR 31-1735)
Makes changes concerning assessments for misdemeanors. (BDR 14-1766)
Changes date of primary election. (BDR 24-1362)
Transfers office of science, engineering and technology from office of governor to University and Community College System of Nevada. (BDR 34-1789)
Revises provisions relating to products made from tobacco other than cigarettes. (BDR 32-943)
Establishes minimum rate of annual special tax on specified classes of livestock. (BDR 50-1643)
SB46623-179213-Jun-97Government Affairs
Provides leave without pay for certain public employees elected to office. (BDR 23-1792)
SB46723-159616-Jun-97Government Affairs
Requires certain state agencies to allow classified employees to select schedules of work based on seniority of employees. (BDR 23-1596)
Authorizes use of money in state permanent school fund to guarantee certain bonds issued by school districts. (BDR 34-641)
Requires redesign and preparation of motor vehicle license plates. (BDR 43-1686)
Creates program to increase awareness of health care programs for children and to encourage enrollment in such programs. (BDR 40-1232)
Makes various changes concerning liability of foster homes for acts of children placed in their care. (BDR 3-805)
SB47226-101321-Jun-97Natural Resources
Establishes minimum amount of fees that may be charged for certain leases of state land used for grazing livestock under certain circumstances. (BDR 26-1013)
SB47331-64021-Jun-97Government Affairs
Makes various changes relating to state financial administration. (BDR 31-640)
SB47438-16223-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Requires study of electronic system for management of pharmaceutical claims under Medicaid and authorizes contract for provision of pharmaceutical services under Medicaid through managed care under certain conditions. (BDR S-162)
Revises provisions governing actions resulting from constructional defects. (BDR 3-1393)
SB47634-167024-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises provisions governing surety bonds required of certain private postsecondary educational institutions. (BDR 34-1670)
SB47734-182524-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Provides in skeleton form for formation of community school boards. (BDR 34-1825)
SB47837-165524-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises circumstances under which Nevada commissioner for veteran affairs may act as guardian of estate of certain persons. (BDR 37-1655)
SB479S-182624-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Provides for reimbursement under Medicaid for semiautomated rescreening of certain tests for cervical cancer and requires study of effectiveness of system for semiautomated screening. (BDR S-1826)
Revises provisions governing actions concerning constructional defects. (BDR 3-843)
Requires developer of subdivision to disclose to purchaser location of all rights of way and easements for transmission lines of public utilities that supply electricity. (BDR 10-1103)
Makes various changes governing education. (BDR 34-1783)
SB483S-180226-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Requires Legislative Committee on Health Care to evaluate expanding access to health care in this state. (BDR S-1802)
SB48438-54028-Jun-97Human Resources and Facilities
Revises provisions governing eligibility of indigent patients for medical and financial assistance from counties. (BDR 38-540)
SB48522-52429-Jun-97Government Affairs
Creates implied agreement between law enforcement agencies regarding certain issues of liability in certain circumstances. (BDR 22-524)
Authorizes expenditures by agencies of state government. (BDR S-1848)
Apportions state distributive school account and revises provisions governing administration of public school money. (BDR 34-1854)
Revises provisions relating to contest or exhibition of unarmed combat. (BDR 41-1856)
Requires creation of Nevada silver haired legislative forum to identify and act upon issues of importance to aging persons. (BDR 38-1674)
Revises provisions governing compensation of certain legislative employees. (BDR 17-1857)
Revises provisions governing land leased from State of Nevada to Washoe County for county public building complex. (BDR S-1851)
Establishes for next biennium amount to be paid by state for group insurance for participating officers and employees. (BDR S-1859)
Establishes maximum allowed salaries for employees in unclassified service of state. (BDR S-1847)
Revises provisions of Assembly Bill No. 291 of this session. (BDR S-1866)
Authorizes director of department of administration to enter into contract to finance, acquire and construct correctional facility for juveniles. (BDR S-1868)
Establishes maximum allowed salaries for certain employees in unclassified service of state. (BDR S-1870)
Makes various changes concerning governmental entities. (BDR S-1871)

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