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Committee to Consult with the Director (NRS 218.6828) 1999-2000


This committee, appointed by the Legislative Commission, is responsible for working with the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) with regard to preparation for the next session of the legislature and the management and organization of the LCB.

Committee Overview

Agendas and Minutes


Administrative Division
(775) 684-6800 Phone (775) 684-6600 Fax
Lorne J. Malkiewich, Director
Sylvia A. Wiese, Secretary

Research Division
(775) 684-6825 Phone (775) 684-6410 Fax
Robert E. Erickson, Research Director

Fiscal Analysis Division
(775) 684-6821 Phone (775) 684-6475 Fax
Gary L. Ghiggeri, Senate Fiscal Analyst
Mark W. Stevens, Assembly Fiscal Analyst

Legal Division
(775) 684-6830 Phone (775) 684-6761 Fax
Brenda J. Erdoes, Legislative Counsel