(Nevada Revised Statutes 439B.200)




The committee is responsible for overseeing matters relating to health care in Nevada and for making recommendations concerning its review to the Nevada Legislature.


Committee Proceedings and Major Issues


The committee’s oversight responsibilities have resulted, or will result, in presentations concerning the following items:


   1.            Children’s health and mental health, including immunization issues, autism, and teen pregnancy;


   3.       Issues affecting persons who are disabled or who are elderly;


   4.       Suicide hotline services in the state;


   5.            Restraint issues and oversight of a residential treatment center provider;


   6.       The cost of health insurance and their effect on small businesses;


   7.       An issue known as “pill splitting”;


   8.            Proposed federal records privacy regulations;


   9.       The need for a system of nurse staffing ratios in Nevada;


10.       Fluoride regulations;


11.       The potential impact of a Supreme Court case (Olmstead v. L.C. ex rel. Zimring, 119 S.Ct. 2176 (1999));


12.            Diabetes education;


13.       Rural health issues;


14.       “End-of-life” care for persons who are terminally ill; and


15.            Expanding the Medicaid program by adopting a “presumptive eligibility” method to establish eligibility for Medicaid.


The committee plans to complete its work by June 6, 2000, at which time it will adopt its recommendations for legislation that will be submitted to the 2001 Nevada Legislature.



March 3, 2000