Name of Organization:

Subcommittee to Study the Cost of Maintaining Highways, Roads and Streets of the Legislative Committee to Study the Distribution among Local Governments of Revenue from State and Local Taxes, NRS 218.5388 to 218.53886, inclusive



Date and Time of Meeting:

Thursday, April 27, 2000

9:30 a.m.



Place of Meeting:

Grant Sawyer State Office Building

555 East Washington Avenue

Room 4412B, C

Las Vegas, Nevada








Call to Order – Opening Remarks – Marvin Leavitt, Director, Intergovernmental Relations and Policy Research, City of Las Vegas, Chairman.




Approval of the Minutes from the March 28, 2000, Meeting.




Final Review and Possible Modification of Field Audit/Street and Road Inventory of Streets and Roads Maintained by Local Governments conducted by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) – John Whitaker, Roadway Systems Division Chief, NDOT.




Discussion Regarding Alternative Fuel Tax Revenue Distribution Formulas and Possible Action Regarding Requesting the NDOT to Apply One or More of the Formulas to the Street and Road Inventory for Comparison Purposes – Marvin Leavitt, Chairman.




Discussion Regarding Alternative “Hold Harmless” Formulas and Possible Action Requesting the Department of Taxation to Apply One or More of the Formulas to the Historical and Current Distribution of the 5.35 Cents Vehicle Fuel Tax for Comparison Purposes – Marvin Leavitt, Chairman.




Public Comment.







NOTE:    The Subcommittee wishes to encourage representatives of Local Government to participate in the discussions of Items III, IV and V.



*  Denotes items on which the subcommittee may take action.


Note:          We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who are disabled and wish to attend the meeting.  If special arrangements for the meeting are necessary, please notify the Fiscal Analysis Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, in writing, at the Legislative Building, Capitol Complex, Carson City, 89701-4747, or call Jeanne Peyton at (775) 684‑6824, as soon as possible.


                    Notice of this meeting was posted in the following Carson City, Nevada, locations:  Blasdel Building, 209 East Musser Street; Capitol Press Corps, Basement, Capitol Building; City Hall, 201 North Carson Street; Legislative Building, Room 1214, 401 South Carson Street; and Nevada State Library, 100 Stewart Street.  Notice of this meeting was faxed for posting to the following Las Vegas, Nevada, locations:  Clark County Office, 500 South Grand Central Parkway; Capitol Police, Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 East Washington Avenue.