Nevada Revised Statutes 218.5375



The 68th Session of the Nevada Legislature created a Legislative Committee on Workers’ Compensation with the enactment of Senate Bill 458 (Sections 119 through 123 of Chapter 587, Statutes of Nevada 1995, at pages 2162-2164).  This legislation, as amended by Assembly Bill 609 (Section 61 of Chapter 410, Statutes of Nevada 1997, at page 1449) and Senate Bill 37 (Section 84 of Chapter 388, Statutes of Nevada 1999, at pages 1805-1806) provides that the committee:


1.      May review issues related to workers’ compensation.


2.      May study the desirability of establishing a preferred employee program that provides exemptions from the payment of premiums and other financial incentives for employers who provide suitable employment for injured employees and any other program for returning injured employees to work.


3.      May review the manner used by the Division of Industrial Relations of Nevada’s Department of Business and Industry to rate physical impairments of injured employees.


4.      May conduct investigations and hold hearings in connection with carrying out its duties pursuant to this section.


5.      May direct the Legislative Counsel Bureau to assist in its research, investigations, hearings, and reviews.


Eight legislators are appointed as members of the committee.  Four members are appointed by the Senate Majority Floor Leader in consultation with the Minority Floor Leader of the Senate from members of the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor.  Four members are appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly from the Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor.  The committee members select a chairman and vice chairman from among their members.