Advisory Committee to Examine Locating a 4-Year State College in Henderson

Assembly Bill 220 (1999)



The Advisory Committee was created to examine the issues related to locating a new 4-year state college in Henderson.  The five members of the Advisory Committee are as follows:  Assemblyman Richard Perkins (Chairman), Senator Jon Porter, Regent Mark Alden, Regent Howard Rosenberg, and Henderson Mayor James Gibson.  AB 220 appropriated $500,000 for the completion of a needs assessment and implementation plan for a 4-year state college in Henderson.


The Advisory Committee has met seven times beginning on September 3, 1999.  The committee’s last meeting was on February 4, 2000.  The Advisory Committee reviewed information developed by the University and Community College System of Nevada (UCCSN) on student accessibility and demographics that outlined the need for additional higher education opportunities within the state of Nevada.  This information indicated Nevada is ranked first in the nation regarding the projected growth in the number of high school graduates through the year 2010.  The college continuation rate (the number of high school graduates that go on to college) in Nevada is the lowest in the nation (39%).  The Board of Regents has set a goal to increase the college continuation rate to the national average (59%).  Utilizing estimates of Nevada’s future population growth, to achieve the Board of Regents’ goal concerning the number of citizens utilizing higher education in Nevada, UCCSN estimates headcount enrollment would need to increase from 82,666 students in 1998 to 152,666 students in 2010.  This represents a projected increase of 70,000 students, with 61,000 of those students coming from the southern part of the state. 


Based on the needs assessment information developed by UCCSN the Advisory Committee recommended to the Board of Regents that planning should continue for a 4-year state college in Henderson.  On December 1, 1999, the Board of Regents recommended that the Advisory Committee continue planning a new institution in Henderson including the development of a biennial budget request for operating and capital needs.  The Board of Regents also took action to form a search committee to recommend a founding president for the new institution.  In January 2000, the Board of Regents appointed Richard Moore as Founding President of the proposed new 4-year institution.  The Board of Regents, at their meeting in February 2000, approved Nevada State College at Henderson as the name of the proposed new 4-year institution.


The Advisory Committee has begun its work to develop an implementation plan for the new institution.  Information is currently being developed to determine the mission of the institution, the degree programs to be offered, investigate potential partnerships with business and industry, evaluate potential sites, and to produce a proposed campus facility plan.  The committee authorized $50,000-$75,000 to utilize consultants to assist the City of Henderson and UCCSN staff in developing the necessary information.  The Advisory Committee also entered into an agreement with UCCSN to reimburse the costs of the Founding President, Richard Moore, and one support position through June 30, 2001.  Mr. Moore will play a major role in the development of the implementation plan for Nevada State College at Henderson.