Assembly Joint Resolution No. 14–Committee on

Health and Human Services


ASSEMBLY JOINT RESOLUTIONCommending Dr. Daniel L. Peterson for his work on

behalf of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome and urging the Congress of the

United States to provide financial support for additional scientific research to

combat this disease.

Whereas, Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness characterized by

prolonged, debilitating fatigue and multiple symptoms such as headaches,

muscle and joint pains, sleep disturbances, recurrent sore throats and

cognitive impairment; and

Whereas, This illness is often misdiagnosed and its cause erroneously

attributed to irrelevant conditions; and

Whereas, Because the cause of this illness is unknown and there are no

diagnostic tests, this illness is diagnosed when the symptoms persist for

more than 6 months and cannot be attributed to any other medical

condition; and

Whereas, Recent studies have indicated that chronic fatigue syndrome

is a far greater public health problem than previously known, affecting men

and women of all racial and ethnic groups, as well as adolescents, with the

highest prevalence occurring among Caucasian women; and

Whereas, Many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are unable to

continue holding jobs, attending school or caring for family members; and

Whereas, Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome is currently focused

on symptomatic relief since there is no single drug or group of drugs

specific to this disease; and

Whereas, Extensive scientific research is needed to determine the

cause and cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, such as the recent

double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study conducted at

Georgetown University Medical Center resulting in the discovery that a

naturally occurring coenzyme, commercially available as ENADAâ , can

alleviate symptoms of this debilitating illness; and

Whereas, Nevada’s own Dr. Daniel L. Peterson, who is a member of

the Sierra Internal Medicine Associates in Incline Village, Nevada, is well

known for his role in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome; and

Whereas, Since 1984, Dr. Peterson has treated more than 2,000

patients with chronic fatigue syndrome; and

Whereas, Dr. Peterson’s dedication to this cause is evidenced by his

tenure as Medical Director of the Fatigue Clinic for the diagnosis of fatigue

and the treatment of chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome at

the Neurology Clinic of the University of California, San Francisco; and

Whereas, Dr. Peterson is a member of the International Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome Study Group, and has earned nationwide recognition as

co-author of many articles relating to chronic fatigue syndrome which have

appeared in medical journals and publications throughout the country; and

Whereas, In treating patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, Dr.

Peterson has drawn on practices that have made medicine a valued art by

ruling out alternative problems, ameliorating symptoms, using alternative

treatments and offering guidance with compassion; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly and Senate of the State of Nevada,

Jointly, That the members of the 70th session of the Nevada Legislature

do hereby commend Dr. Peterson for his outstanding work and selfless

dedication on behalf of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome; and be it


Resolved, That the Nevada Legislature hereby urges Congress to

provide financial support and ensure that federal health agencies allocate

increasing resources for additional scientific research to combat chronic

fatigue syndrome; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly prepare and transmit a

copy of this resolution to Dr. Daniel L. Peterson and to the Vice President

of the United States as the presiding officer of the Senate, the Speaker of

the House of Representatives and each member of the Nevada

Congressional Delegation; and be it further

Resolved, That this resolution becomes effective upon passage and