Clark County Assembly
District No. 17

Born:  May 23, 1936; DeLand, Florida.
  Primary schools in Texas, California, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Pennsylvania; Central High, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Continuing education: I.B.E.W. Apprenticeship Program, Santa Monica Community College, Community College of Southern Nevada, Western Nevada Community College, and Real Estate Careers Institute.
  Terrie, Amber, Cherie, Bill, David, Tom; grandchildren: Nicholas, Ashley, Alexandra, William.
Hobbies/Special Interests:
  Constitutional history, music, legislative procedure.
Legislative Service:  Nevada Assembly, 1975-99--three special and 13 regular sessions. Legislative Commission: Alternate, 1985-86, 1991-93; Vice Chairman, 1994. Member, Interim Finance Committee, 1987-95, 1997-98; past Chairman, Committees on Economic Development and Tourism, Taxation, and Transportation; Chairman, Legislative Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste; Chairman, Committee on Constitutional Amendments; Vice Chairman, Committee on Elections, Procedures, and Ethics; Member, Committee on Ways and Means.

Affiliations:  Co-Founder and past President, National Labor Caucus of State Legislators; past Vice Chairman, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Assembly on the Legislature (AOL); Member and past Chairman, AOL Labor Committee. NCSL: Federal Budget and Taxation Committee, State-Federal Assembly; Environmental Partners; Vice Chairman, Interim Storage and High-Level Waste Transportation Working Group. Intergovernmental Committee, Council of State Governments; American Legislative Exchange Council. National Advisory Board, "Tears of the Children" International Arts Project on Child Sexual Abuse; Executive Board, Assembly Democratic Caucus; Clark County Democratic Women’s Club; Paradise Democratic Club; Nevada Women’s Political Caucus; North Las Vegas Democratic Club; Co-Founder and Secretary, State Legislative Policy Institute, 1996-98.

Personal and Professional Achievements:  Moderator, "Sun Youth Forum," 1975-96; Delegate, Democratic National Conventions, 1980, 1988, 1992; past Chairman, California Nevada Electrical Workers Association; appointed to State Health Coordinating Council by Governor Mike O’Callaghan; "Outstanding Service," Seniors in Action and Nevada Taxpayers Association, 1979; appointed to Governor’s Gaming Policy Committee by Governor Robert List; "Consumer Legislator of the Year," Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, 1980; "Outstanding Service," AFL-CIO, 1981; Friends of Southern Nevada Libraries, 1983; Nevada Council on Libraries, 1985; appointed to Advisory Committee on Insurance Covering the Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the Nevada Committee on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution by Governor Richard H. Bryan, 1986; appointed by Governor Robert J. Miller to Nevada’s 125-Year Celebration Committee; "Good Guy Award," Nevada Women’s Political Caucus, 1992; "Outstanding Labor Legislator," National Labor Caucus, NCSL, 1993; "Most Ethical Legislator," Common Cause, 1992.